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Re: MYCOPLASMA The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: MYCOPLASMA The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases

The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human
being. The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom.
Everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited value.

Truth is always simple. All people recognize truth because all people are intelligent beings. It is the nature of evil to create artificially complex ideas. It does this to hide or obfuscate the freedom it destroys. If you remove the complexities and fears from your life you will find a plain and beautiful truth.
This truth is the nature of your worth.

Value of man

To understand freedom is to understand the value of a person. Everything that evil wants is to disguise and destroy your value. All authority is created by evil men to disguise your worth. To understand your own worth is to understand the nature of liberty.

The crucial key for understanding our world is to understand
the nature of evil. Evil challenges the value of people by
denying them the opportunity to make their own choices; by
denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and

While evil seeks to destroy or hide a person's worth, freedom shows humans their full potential and their full value. With freedom, people have loved, cured disease, removed hunger, eased labor and lived in peace. With freedom, happiness is possible. Freedom is the exact opposite of evil.

There are people who would destroy your freedom. They want
to control you so that you cannot become the person you want to be. In order to control you, they use force to take away the liberty that you were born with.

You must never underestimate the prowess or cruelty of evil
people. Evil will confiscate money, destroy virtue and spill
blood. Most people are not evil; most people try to create and not to destroy. However, evil people do exist and they are extremely dangerous.

Evil is the destruction of freedom.
It cannot be stated more simply. Everywhere you look, you
will find the obfuscation of evil. There are countless ideas which are taught about the nature of evil. Every false idea is created by evil to hide truth from you.

Evil is not darkness and it is not a frightening unknown. Evil is not some mystical psychology of man, nor is it inherent in our natures. It is not supernatural, and it most definitely exists.

As with all principles, the principle of evil is simple. Evil is the destruction of freedom. When free, you can build glory, peace, prosperity and joy into the world. Around you, you will find all these things. Men and women like you built these things.

Evil enslaves. Evil is found in words such as force,
compulsion, tax, violence, theft, censure, and politics. Notice that in such things, there is no joy. None have any value to humanity.

In order to engineer a culture and pervert the free thinking of men, evil must create an enemy. It is not important to tyrants who the enemy is. Tyrants offer protection from these enemies in exchange for obedience.

Take careful note that they offer
protection, but obedience is mandatory. Whether or not you wish to have the authority over you, you will obey or they will revert to violence. The enemies are only created to ease the burden of obedience from the minds of people. Cultural enemies are an illusion.

Benjamin Franklin taught that those who give up liberty to
gain security will soon have neither. This is not an idle
observation. The pattern of tyranny clearly shows that the entire purpose of presenting you with the need for security is to convince you to yield your liberty. That is everything authority wants.

The demand for security is raised by those who seek
power over you. This is how they create enemies.
Make no mistake, it isn’t the enemy that tyrants are after. They are after you.

The illusion of cultural enemies is designed to restrict the
thinking of people. It is designed to convince people that the real enemy is not the evil that rules over them, but some imaginary demon that would do them harm. This is the lie of tyranny.

It requires your obedience in order to save you. Tyranny is
disguised as culture and law.

To understand the nature of democracy, it is essential to
understand that evil is the destruction of freedom. The stability of control is the engineering design of culture.

The more stability that authority can be exerted with, the better. Stability in history is non-existent. Wars have been fought continually, empires have been born and destroyed throughout the millennia. Nearly every excuse for tyranny has been tried, and eventually overcome.

Human beings seek liberty in their lives, because liberty is the nature of humanity; liberty is life. Our continual struggle against evil has been recorded by history. Evil has eventually lost every war it started. This is a testament to the strength and goodness of

It is also a testament of the adaptability and evolution
of evil. Every form of tyranny has failed because people eventually recognized it and retrieved their own liberty. Evil has found a solution to its losses in making partners of its slaves.

Democracy is the greatest evil that can possibly exist. It is a greater evil than communism, and a greater evil than royalty. All other forms of tyranny are obviously evil because they allowed a few to control the lives of all. Freedom was destroyed for nearly everyone.

Democracy, however, teaches that you are free enough
to vote, a seemingly better system. Unfortunately, it legitimizes other people voting away your freedoms. This makes it evil. What makes it pure evil , and the greatest form of evil that can possibly exist is that you also vote to take away freedoms.
Everyone becomes a slave – and everyone becomes a master
of slaves. Perfect evil.

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