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Re: Modern medicine can't help me anymore.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Modern medicine can't help me anymore.

Hi guys,

I'm desperate for help, I need everyone's input.

I've been long battling candida and parasites, never succeeded at extracting them from my system.

-heavy metals toxicty causes candida. † parasites is due to a toxic body and clogged lymph system.

1- Light headed started about 2 months ago.

- adrenal fatigue.

2- One day I was sitting got up (I tend to get dizzy standing up after sitting more than 5 mins), I felt like I was gonna pass out (didn't black out), I had a cold flush, and my throat was dry and I throw up.

-clinical adrenal fatigue symptom.

3-Sarted having mild vertigo episodes after that.


4-few nights I had sleep apnea problems, Where every time I am about to sleep I wake up grasping for air. I had to sleep sitting most of the time.

-clogged lymph , adrenals and poor circulation.

5-I feel like something trying to crawl out of my anus.

-candida, parasites or liver issues.

6- Heart beat is in the low 40's.
- thick blood(hypercogulation) †and high inflammation.

7-Disconfort in my mid back and upper abdominal area.

-liver issues /gallbladder†

8-Feel overheated and completely drained when it's hot

- at least your thyroid still works! Lol, thyroid regulates our temperature if you stay on this path the adrenals get worse then the thyroid slows down eventually and then you'll feel cold all the time. Your still in the early stages of adrenal fatigue.

9-Can't tolerate looking at the sun or bright light.

- light sensitivity=heavy metal problem. Do you have Amalgam fillings? You should check the mercury poison symptoms online because that's a specific symptom.

10-All tests came negative, except a mild case of H.Pylori which cause a spike in ammonia level of 161. Dr prescribed anti-biotics. Need to go check if they did the trick or not.

- a weak immune system causes all kinda of pathogens. Cleansing will bring the immune system up.

11-My acupuncturist thinks it's my liver, but a liver specialist said that my liver is 10 on 10.p

- its heavy metals †and a clogged lymph system causing issues I bet.

I will really appreciate your input on this, as I'm at loss here and don't know what's going on. And what to tackle.

-As a idea I would eat a alkalizing diet with low protein to get the lymph moving again. The lymph is basically the sewer system; it moves out acids, heavy metals, activates immunity and basically keeps you healthy. If the lymph is clogged from a acidic diet the body uses parasites and bacteria to come in and clean up waste thats supposed to be moving out. Make sure to move the lymph(exercise). If your heavy metal issue is significant you might have to use chelating agents.

Heavy metals get stored in the brain and also weaken the adrenal glands.

Weak adrenals causes weak glucose metabolism and that leads to candida instantly. Weak adrenals also lets pathogens and candida run rampant because adrenals monitor the guts immune system.

So If I were you I would take some adrenal supplements. Supporting the adrenals will lower your candida issues by60-75% easy.


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