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What I use for MY wellness...
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Published: 7 years ago
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What I use for MY wellness...

Well, I'm going to post what I've successfully used to return to health, right here (again, since I've posted it elsewhere many many times) where it's easier to find.

I started in the 80's with Colloidal silver. It didn't ever do much for me though, but NEVER turned me blue (for pity's sake) which the worst case of real 'blue' from silver is what the royals in Europe got because they ate off silver all the time.

Hence the name 'blue-bloods', and I don't recall hearing or seeing any mention of a 'blue' royal. So I do think silver's helpful, yes, but I also think there are other things more helpful. But of course, body type may play a part too, I'm sure.

Then I found my go-to herbs for virus and bacteria. And being a pitta body type (East Indian Ayruvedic medical system--good stuff--herb based.), I fortunately could metabolize them straight up. Any other body type NEEDS a hot beverage or a cayenne capsule to boost their metabolism enough for the herbs to work. The Ayruvedic is quite elaborate, so I basically only used it for better understanding my body, never for treatment. And
I did try a lot of herbs (not the ayruvedic though) for the different pathogens too, but in the end, those 3 have worked the very best.

GOLDENSEAL ROOT---bacteria--never had one it didn't kill and I worked with the public so anything going around I got.

Echinacea PURPUREA---virus, but not any of the other kind, although augustfolia might be helpful with fungus to some degree, cuz I read somewhere it was noted to have some fighting effect on 'cancer'. I had one virus that it didn't whack but I'm pretty sure it was because it was attacking my friendly bacteria, not me. So in order to kill it, my friendly bacteria would have had to take the Echinacea. :) It must have been supported by hormones though, somehow, because after menopause it went away. So I guess I'll never really know.

Olive Leaf Extract---fungus. Much more recently, like 5 or 6 years ago, my sweetie started getting sinus fungal infections, which he sooo kindly shared with me. So I rummaged around and found the olive leaf did a super wham-o-dyne job with killing that (which is why the Mediterranean areas probably have a lower rate of 'cancer' cuz they eat so much olive-based products).

So when the 'cancer' showed up for me about a year ago, I had a bottle on hand and took some immediately. Since it was only a stage 3, it  hadn't done a lot of damage yet and the very first dose stopped the pain, and it never came back.

Dr. Clark's protocol---I found her book here and got a copy, and actually printed it out---it was pretty bulky that way. *lol* I just couldn't stand to read by scrolling though. I did end up buying a copy though, and gave my printed version to a friend. I wasn't manifesting any visual symptoms like 'wormy' stool or anything but I did have diabetes type 1, and so got into her protocol for that. Both the herbs she recommends (I'm assuming you can look them up) and the zapper from day 1.

By the end of the 2 week cleanse my blood sugar was dropping (I wasn't using insulin yet), and happily I never had another hiatal hernia event again (good grief, those things hurt--much like a stuck liver stone--oooowwww). I had a couple other littler things that also went away once I started on the cleanse/zapping, but it was so long ago, I don't remember what.

Master cleanser Lemonade Diet---- I did it twice about 15 (19 days) and 10 (10 days)  years ago. I started the first time right after I finished the 2 week parasite cleanse, and on it my blood sugar returned to normal within two days. It's part of how the balanced nutrition seems to work, because the booklet writer says you can expect that to happen (even without the deparasiting) even though it has B grade maple syrup.

It just facilitated mine getting better faster, I think. I'd highly recommend this over any other kind of 'fast' though. Your body gets most all it needs , and since you aren't using your digestive system, as the lemonade just absorbs like water, plus you don't feel hungry all the time, I think it's far less stressful and possibly damaging for your body.

Plus you do a saline flush every day, which removes the toxins your body is able to get out during this break from eating. I just craved chewing on something---my dragon rider kicking in, probably!  :) But, just like the Clark protocol, I'm inclined to think it only really works exactly as written.

Liver flush---Part of what Dr. Clark recommends and I did 5 or 6 along the way using her method---need to do one now probably, but luckily, I can tap the stuck liver stones out, so it's not as pressing as it was back then. Cuz the liver stone issue kicked up a bit after the haital hernia went away,  I immediately thought it had come back. But when it didn't go away after I dozed off, I knew it was something different.

But after the liver flush, I never had that pain again. I've had a couple start again within the last year--I so used to dread that initial little ache at the start, because it never went away---it just got worse. Now, I feel that little ache, and tap a round, and it goes away within a minute or so. Yay!

Part of Dr. Bob Beck's protocol---I tried his pulse point electrical zapper thing, (for that virus that I never did manage to whack), but I'm guessing it was in the tissues too so killing it in the blood just thinned the herd, so to speak. I also got one of his electromagnetic pulsers, and yes indeed that thing is magic for killing bacteria and virus. I've used it to help get rid of mono, what I think was one of the hepatitis, and every single respiratory issue since (I've really not had anything else). It penetrates like 9 inches the makers say, but I think at the end of that range it probably isn't as effective. I never managed to kill off that one stubborn virus, so it was in too deep, I suspect.

About 6 years ago,  my step-daughter had a constantly recurring strep throat every 6 months or more, and she stopped by one day, saying she was feeling a reoccurrence coming on, and had made her Dr. appointment already. I had my pulser with me and talked her into giving it a try. She only pulsed for not even the full 20 min. cycle, and was marveling how much better her throat felt already. I saw her the next day, and she was back to her usual bubbly self, and saying how her throat had stopped even vaguely hurting in an hour or so. And she canceled her Dr. appointment.

I saw her just about 6 months ago and she thanked me again for talking her into trying the pulser. She said she'd been on antibiotics for years before that and it never really went away, that she could always feel something back there in her throat. But after that one not even full 20 minute pulsing session, the strep had never come back, even once  and her throat had stayed clear ever since then.

I knew it would help her in the moment, but even I was a bit surprised by that long term level of effective curing, although nothing of mine ever came back either but nothing so obvious and repetitive. Anyway, Beck really out did himself with that addition to his protocol. although he never did address the parasite issue, unfortunately. I can imagine what a great syncrometer, even zapper, he'd have made.

As I've said, do muscle testing to verify the hybrids haven't gotten to the herbs you buy. And I got my pulser from the SOTA industries folks. I've gotten more than one. I've loaned one out, dropped and whacked one of them (they fix thing super fast and easily) and bought another as a spare incase I drop one again. (carpet was ok, but the hard floor did mine in). The zapper I use is from scada research, the RSG-4 (zapper parts are in one of the hand holds so I can't accidently pull  it on to the floor and break it as I have before.)

Then I got a zapper specifically for fungus (different frequency than a parasite zapper) when  was whacking that 'cancer'. I ended up getting that from a guy in Paraguay, but I didn't realize parazapper sold one which could have done both. He really is the go-to guy for zappers. If I were back at the beginning where I didn't know what I'd need, I'd get one of his. I'm just kinda on the far end of it all now though.

Since my stroke, I've been taking Lion's Mane mushrooms for nerve regrowth, but also  EFT. And with muscle testing, I'm discovering such a veritable smorgasbord of reasons I probably would have never regained full use without EFT.

I had corrupted DNA code, missing DNA code, mixed up nerve connections, nerves being withered from lack of use,the wrong DNA codes (penny in the fuse box thing) and so on--I can't believe how many layers I've had to dig thru,  and each layer has helped, but never completely.

I think I'm at the bottom layer now (maybe) but time will tell. Because I know EFT works--it just something I've not tapped for, I'm sure I'll get my movement back completely. It'll just take some time, is all. I only discovered the DNA stuff a couple months ago, so it's still new to my recovery process.

I know I'm forgetting all the things that I've tried that only worked a little bit and I moved on when I found something better.

And of course EFT, and muscle testing which I've already covered. :) Any questions I'm pretty sure they're blocking unfortunately. So if you've sent me a question, please know I would have answered it. If you didn't get an answer, well, now you know why, eh?  Maybe you can catch me out and about, especially about health stuff and we can make a new thread. :) 

I'm also aware they often kick anyone off for asking a question or appearing to support me. If so, maybe start another account in a week or so. With a different user name. If this happened to you, as it did with Flossy and Happymanatee, I'm soo terribly sorry. 




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