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Need help been battling fecal body odor, rosacea, candida for 2 years Please help I dont know where to turn now
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Published: 8 years ago

Need help been battling fecal body odor, rosacea, candida for 2 years Please help I dont know where to turn now

I've had leaky gas and rosacea for 2 years now. I am 19 years old and as you can imagine I have no social life because of this.

I have been on a candida diet for 6 months, though it has reduced my odor so that I only smell sometimes, my rosacea is still here.

Some strange points here:
When my doc put me on anti depressants I had an allergic reaction to the medicine and basically ALL my symptoms disappeared for 3 days. Symptoms came back afterwards.

I once got paint thinner in my eye during work and again, ALL symptoms went away, only lasted for a couple hours though. I think its because my antibodies got distracted from my body and attacked the most immediate threat(thinner).

I drank an alcohol icee mix and once again, ALL symptons went away for a couple hours. Something to do with my liver?

This started once I lost weight a few years ago, I started having rosacea, then depression, then foot Body Odor , then fecal Body Odor . I believe this whole problem started with the toxins being released from the stored fat damaging my GI. To make things worse my doc gave me 3 rounds of Antibiotics , this was may 2014.

Have tried 3 liver flushes,doesn't seem to make any difference, but I have seen big stones so thats good I guess. I Water Fast a day or two every week. This seems to help a lot with rosacea. I noticed smell is worse after eatings carbs, meat, sugar, and dairy. I do kegels and skilled relaxation (walter stoll).

So I think I have a few possible causes:


So basically:
Toxins+stress= immune suppression=SIBO,CANDIDA, leaky gut=rosacea & smell

Anyway heres my protocol:

6am: Probiotics(sauerkraut, ultimate flora, five lac, flora balance) w/ 1 TBSP resistant starch
8:30am: Cod liver oil, Vitamin E
9am:molaurin,peppermint oil, coconut oil
11am:bentonite clay
1pm:Food(Fish or chicken w/ spinach), HCL, Swedish Bitters, or ACV, Quercetin
2pm:NAC,arginine&orthinine,milk thistle
3pm:Aloe vera gel,NAG,Nystatin(1/2tspn)
4pm:Cod liver Oil, Vitamin E
6pm::Food(Fish or chicken w/ spinach), HCL, Swedish Bitters, or ACV, Quercetin
8pm:Vitamin C 2G
9pm: Interfase plus, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase (this is for biofilms)
10pm:Antifungals (Nystatin,or Ketonazole or diflucan)

I do skilled relaxation twice a day for 20 min each, and drink dandelion tea throughtout day.
I dont drink water one hour before of after a meal to make sure I dont dilute the stomach acids.

Am I doing too much? I would love if you guys shared some opinions on my protocol to see if I can make any improvemtns, thanks
Oh, and I also do probiotic, nystatin, and coffee enemas. I also eat almonds and pecans with meals to take my body out ketosis, because candida can adapt to them and use them for fuel.

and whenever I eat something I smell like it 5min-few hours later. So maybe my foods not digesting and its putrifying in my SI.

So this theory says that correcting liver corrects digestion, which then corrects SIBO/Candida, which then corrects leaky gut inflammation, which stops leaky gas

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