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Parasites might ruin my marriage!! :(
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Published: 7 years ago

Parasites might ruin my marriage!! :(

So I've been reading posts for some time now and finally decided to join and stop being a closet reader. I have had health issues for a while and just recently passed at LEAST a 4 foot Tapeworm ( probably longer but did not measure) and what looks like roundworms, slugs (possible liver flukes) and various smaller stringy worms. After cleansing for a month and taking herbs and getting minimal progress ( only a few roundworms and strings) and feeling worse I started the Turpentine protocol detailed by Dr Daniels. The next day after doing that I passed the tapeworm. I also passed liver flukes the second time. I was horrified and still am. I find it difficult to believe and have to remind myself that this is in fact happening to me. I've taken several tests in the past before and they were always negative for parasites yet I've obviously had this Tapeworm for a very long time based on the size. I saw my doctor and she wouldn't prescribe any parasite meds but was more than happy to prescribe pain meds and antidepressants. I showed her the picture of what came out of me and she wanted to do another stool test...! I think it's evident what the problem is and the cure is simply anti parasitic meds. Im so discusted with the medical field Im at a loss for words. She clearly does not understand how parasites operate. I guess I'll stick with the turpentine. (Btw please if anyone is reading this and has not thoroughly researched this protocol...please don't speak against it until you have. There are a lot of people that are frightened by even the mention of ingestion of this because they are listening to the propaganda and do not have first hand experience) Okay but to make matters worse and the reason for my post is that my husband believes HE doesn't have parasites. To his credit, he did try the herbs and tried the turp once and because he didn't SEE anything believes he couldn't possibly be infected with parasites. In fact he won't read any information on the matter or entertain any discussion on the topic anymore. It's my problem in his eyes. With all the research I've done I know the possibility of me harboring so many parasites and my husband not, is highly unlikely. He also has several symptoms of parasitic involvement. I think he's in denial. I'm scared because if I get a handle on "my problem" and he doesn't I will continue to be reinfected by him and stay sick. I'm considering sleeping in another room and stopping intercourse. I know this is extreme but I really want to get well. What should I do!? This could really damage our marriage...

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