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Re: Teeth Whitening: How long to age urine for best ammonia content?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Teeth Whitening: How long to age urine for best ammonia content?

It would be great if we had a branch of "research" on this topic to specifically study the hundreds (and thousands) of people around the world who use urine daily for drinking and bathing. It would be great if said research that already exists in medical and scientific Journals didn't cost money for membership and/or to read the reports. The problem is that its free for all to use from their own Fountain and it is the very Panacea Nemesis of the Empire and their business not only is there no motivation for such research, there is likely an active order to suppress this knowledge from the public and demonize it any way possible.

I have experienced urine therapy AND distilled water for about 3 years now and bathe daily with a dishpan and washrag in aged urine which I store in quart juice bottles. A quart is the perfect size for a body bath or hair wash (once per week).
I live in an RV and keep the bottles sealed until ready to use. I prefer to use urine that is between 3 days and 3 weeks old. I have bathed in 5 year old urine with no problems other than the intense feeling of being ultra clean and detoxed. I find that the air activates the urine to make it darker and stronger smelling. Either way is OK...
Uric acid turns back to its base nitrogen compound ammonia and considering that most urine is around than 2% uric acid, the ammonia content is diluted at the perfect ratio for safe use on the skin. At what point the ammonia becomes more concentrated is anybodies guess at this point. Unless you were doing lab work to test for ammonia... ammonia is known as "smelling salts" because of its volatility (propensity to evaporate) so venting the storage container will release ammonia gas and concentrate or crystallize the salts...

It is suggested by several in the urine therapy community to vent the urine through the aging process with a coffee filter over the top to release the ammonia.

Since we are talking about the bio-fluid of the most complex organism in the known universe there are many variables to consider in answering your question. My urine changes throughout each day. In the morning its concentrated with mineral salts, hormones and other compounds from sleep. As I drink distilled water (and urine) through the morning it becomes clear and quite tasty. Depending on what one eats and drinks, the urine reflects the state of the body in the given moment...
It is also Your Own Perfect Medicine as Martha Christy's book title says. Every sort of disease problem can be remedied or greatly assisted by drinking and bathing with your own water.

One can hardly say enough in a few paragraphs. I encourage you to do research on urine therapy and distilled waters. There are Facebook groups and other communities of people who are experiencing amazing health and restoration by simply switching their water to pure distilled water... a whole other level of clean and vitality can be achieved by using your own pure waters of life...

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