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Re: Trying to shrink a large multi-nodular thyroid goiter
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Trying to shrink a large multi-nodular thyroid goiter

Grizz...Sure, go ahead and use those articles. If it helps people with their diseases, I'm all for it.

i study alot more than just iodine. Here's some random info that I've found out that you might find interesting. This will be in note form to save room -- you can perhaps run with it and do your own validation and research.

*Iodine is strongly protective towards the lungs(so are sulfur compounds like Taurine, Cysteine, DMSO and MSM).  

*Want to lose weight? Taking iodine daily makes fat and protein metabolism and excretion more efficient in the body. Many people who are overweight find that they lose weight fast when they take higher dose iodine. 

*I regularly use a nebulizer with either lugol's iodine(two drops in water in the neb cup) or 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. This is very useful for lung diseases like fibrosis, lung cancer, COPD, aspergillus or candida, pneumonia, asthma, flu etc. It is the only way to directly attack pathogens in the lungs.You can also nebulize other nutrients like  magnesum chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and colloidal silver in the same way. Generally, whenever you use a nebulizer you also avoid all the possible unpleasant gut side-effects from oral intake.

*You can cure tuberculosis using kerosene(lamp oil) with a fine mist sprayer or with a nebulizer. In 1914, Dr Charles Oscar Frye brought out a pamphlet/book on how to cure yourself of TB by simply inhaling kerosene using a fine mist sprayer three times a day. See here. By the way, modern medicine still has no cure for TB which is caused by mycobacteria which is a bacteria that has fungal-like behaviour that is similar to spore-producing spirochetes.

*There are many testimonials on how supplementing kerosene(lamp oil) successfully kills and completely eradicates many cancers. Turpentine is very similar to kerosene. Google "kerosene cancer" for more evidence and testimonials. 

*I regularly supplement pure gum turpentine(1 tspn a day). It's the best intestinal cleanser and blood purifier that I know. It kills everything bad and does not affect your good gut bacteria. Been usng turps like this for over 3 years. 

*Before WW2, a drug called iodo-niacin was successfully used for heart disease. The pill consisted of just 50 mgs niacin plus 120 mgs potassium iodide. No side-effects.

*The best way to heal adrenal fatigue is to supplement sea salt(with lots of water), milk thistle(450mgs twice a day), pantethine(1200mgs/day), pantothenic acid(500mgs/day), Vitamin C(3000mgs/day) and liquorice extract, Iodine + companion nutrients will also be needed if the thyroid is affected. 

*Supplementing larger dose LI can also cure insulin dependent diabetes. See this link.

* The best nutrients for detoxing poisons or xenobiotics(not heavy metals) such as fungal or bacterial waste toxins are: milk thistle, ALA, Sodium Molybdate, Selenium(makes glutathione), cholestyramine(with prescription?), acetyl L cysteins, MSM, Fulvic acid and Magnesium Chloride(as Mag Oil),  

* Take a natural concentrated mineral drop(CMD) supplement every day to get ALL your minerals. Vitamins can't work in the body without enzymes and coenzymes(made with trace minerals). All food lacks minerals now. Google "CMD minerals".

* One of the best herbs I know all about is Chanca piedra. It grows wild in my garden as a weed here in the Philippines where I live and I take it regularly as a decoction or tea. This herb lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, lowers blood fat, reduces excess calcium in the blood, dissolves and removes gallstones and kidney stones and is a strong antiviral(cures Hepatitis B). When I took it for my own systemic candida problem it seemed to also have anti-fungal effects as well. Chanca piedra is currently being researched for its beneficial effects against HIV AIDS and cancer. See this link.

*BHT(ButylatedHydroxyToluene) can cure Hepatitis C and helps against cancers. It's a remarkable anti-oxidant. See this link.

*Only 4% to 8% of topically applied lugols iodine is ever absorbed through the skin into the blood. But when you combine LI with DMSO then 80% of the LI will be absorbed directly into the blood because of DMSO's unique transdermal carrier effect. This is also an easy way to efficiently disinfect any topical skin area or ailment because DMSO + Iodine travels directly through all the cell layers in the skin to the blood -- thus completely disinfecting this sub-epidermal skin region as well and eradicating your skin disease. DMSO is dirt cheap. When you apply DMSO + lugols iodine topically its like having an injection of iodine directly into your blood (without the pain or cost). I successfully use LI + DMSO like this all the time. From Dr Stanley Jacob's research, generally DMSO will exert its unique transdermal carrier effect on any water soluble chemical that has a molar weight of less than 3000. It should therefore also work transdermally for colloidal silver, magnesium chloride, LI, MSM, other minerals etc 



Bill :)



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