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Re: The Universal Heal--PLEASE READ
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: The Universal Heal--PLEASE READ

Okay, I'm going to respond, although at this point I have almost no desire to deal with you. You're not reading anything I write--or if you are, you're misinterpreting it all. But the problem is that you're spreading foolish, debilitating information that I'm going to try to debunk, here and now, for the sake of anyone who is receptive enough to at least try what I've suggested with aquaphor.

Aside from that, I genuinely thank you for finding and providing those links. I'm going to deal with each one, one by one.

1. //

Okay, I've ALREADY addressed this one when I first mentioned daniki and Daniel. I told you to refer to an older post of mine, which you no doubt brushed over and didn't retain. So for the sake of everyone else, I'll reiterate: All three--daniki, Daniel, and Patrick Chao's wife--LEFT THEIR SCABS ON. There have been some who have claimed, plausibly so, that they were healed by leaving their scabs alone. And I believe this. But as I said, because of the location of the wound, the lips, the scabs cannot form properly, so healing slows to a crawl, taking months, even years in some cases. Okay? It is entirely plausible, then, or even probable (hell, in my mind, it's absolutely true without a doubt), that the medication they took was simply INCIDENTAL. They would've healed in that time regardless of the medication, just by leaving their scabs alone. Again to reiterate: Daniki left her scabs alone, and just HAPPENED to take medication. Patrick Chao's wife did the same thing. Daniel took NO medication, left his scabs alone, healed parts of his lip--and THEN BEGAN TO MOISTURIZE WITH AQUAPHOR, WHICH EXCELERATED THE ONCE-SLOW HEALING PROCESS.

Okay, that link has been taken care of.
(By the way, jsl123, I find it hilarious that you're the first responder in that particular link, and that you responded with incredible enthusiasm. What is it about the idea of having a terrible disease that makes you warm inside?)

2. //

This is Daniki. I've already addressed her situation, twice now, so I'll leave it alone.

Favorite quote from Daniki: I also want to add that all of you are ALL OVER THE PLACE. You're trying this and that, experimenting here and there. STOP. STOP with that obsessive behavior. Pick a treatment and stick with it! Just ONE. Have patience and faith.

3. //

This is my favorite one.
Here are quotes, from the original poster's keyboard:

"This combination of steroid cream and vaseline on top as the steroid cream dried out my lips horribly , literally severely burned all of my lips skin top and bottom starting the exfoliative cheilitis problem My lip skin became white and blanched other ares beet red swollen,etc and the pain was excruciating."

--Hmm. This person burned her lip skin off, huh? That's how the problem started, huh? That's odd.

"My current dermatologist who practices at a teaching hospital/medical center put me on a short term dose of oral PREDNISONE for 15 days to be exact 40 mg daily for 5 days, then 20 mg for 5 days, ending with 10mg for 5 days.

I AM HAPPY TO SHARE WITH YOU THAT THIS ACTUALLY IMPROVED MY EXFOLIATIVE CHEILITS TO THE POINT THAT I DO NOT REALLY PEEL MUCH ANYMORE I am also using pure vaseline gently , tapping it on and sometimes lightly gliding it on frequently to my lips very frequently the operative word being FREQUENTLY for me anyway. It is the only thing i can put on topically causing no bad reaction."

--Ah! I see, she took the medication and she was cured. Oh no? She wasn't? It just subsided a bit, eh? WAIT A MINUTE! SHE WAS ALSO APPLYING VASELINE FREQUENTLY?? THE OPERATIVE WORD BEING FREQUENTLY IN ALL CAPS?? Wait a minute, though...why isn't she fully healed?

"As i had mentioned before, I also suffer with a severe case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder so exfoliation for me was equivalent to '''self mutilation''' so i no longer had the option to exfoliate as it was a trigger for me to feel guilty that i have damaged my lips even more"

-- And here, my friends, is the reason she isn't fully cured as yet: she left the scabs on. She is healing, by moisturizing, but SLOWLY, because her scabs are still on. Are you people starting to see a pattern here? I know jsl123 isn't.

"Now I am simply using pure vaseline frequently on my lips to keep them moist"

-- I see, I see. Yes, it was definitely those immunosuppressant bullshit pills that give jsl123 a hard-on.

4. //

I don't know what the hell this garbage is, so I'm just going to ignore it. If anything, it's proof that you're looking desperately for some kind of autoimmune disease where there really isn't one. Widen your scope a little bit, my friend.

And lastly, just to put this shit to rest, I will say again (just so anyone reading will not be swayed by jsl123's ill-informed posts): my lips are back to normal size, there is no swelling, no inflammation, no rawness--in fact, I have SKIN ON MY LIPS NOW. SKIN GUYS. The ONLY problem I have, which I didn't notice before, because I didn't give a damn, seems to be a build-up of dead skin ON MY NEW LIP SKIN. I exfoliate REGULARLY, not DAILY, to get rid of that, and I am totally happy with the results. But believe me, this is waaaaay better than having pain and burning and shitty, ugly scabs grow every time you have something important to f***in do.

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