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CURED MY SEBORRHEIC DERMATITS AFTER 2.5 Years, and losing hair.. READ If you are lost, may it help you.

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Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 6 years ago

CURED MY SEBORRHEIC DERMATITS AFTER 2.5 Years, and losing hair.. READ If you are lost, may it help you.

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share with you how I completely Cured by myself the acute case of scalp sebborheic dermatitis that affected me.

It began 2.5 years ago when i started seeing thick skin patches coming out of my head after an intense tennis match. I just turned 27. The dermatologist told me it was hormonal and quite common for my age, my father had it : i had too much Testoterone. Thus, he gave me CORTISONE LOTIONS to APPLY EVERY DAY for a MONTH. It failed, and he gave more, and more and so on..for 6 months..almost 2 fulls bottles of cortisone a month. It kindda worked at first but it failed progressively.

The nightmare began there, the patches started to become bigger and thicker and my hair were starting to come off.. by bunches of 5-10s sometimes.

Then, I tried EVERYTHING. Bio shampoos, soaps, natural oils, salicic acid, every other ingredient that was supposed to take away the flakes. NOTHING WORKED, IT MADE IT WORSE.

PLEASE IF YOU HAVE THIS CONDITION, DO NOT RUSH INTO ANYTHING. False hopes will manipulate and progressively destroy you. At one point, i couldn't get out my house..just because I was scared it would show.

This f***ing thing took 2.5 Years of my life.. or part of it. But because i Kept fighting..I tried to hang on.

So what happened? I suffered from a cortisone abuse..that left my scalp completely imbalanced after the 6 months of abuse. From those 6 months, the flakes escalated into madness.

How did I cure it?

First and foremost, you have to IDENTIFY you CAPILLAR CYCLE ie when do the flakes start to get crazy, when does it calm down, it will help you identify when you skin is renewing and when it s not and it will tell you when to act. Because the process that i m going to describe requires BALANCE in this.

Second of all, get some BIO APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and a SPRAY BOTTLE (for girls, you need those little pschitt bottles for hair colouring).

Third, start by litterally drowning your whole scalp with it (with the spray of course, i don't recommend dipping your head in and wrap in a clean T-SHIRT overnight. Do this for a week. The flakes will come off, you will lose HAIR, that ARE ALREADY DEAD; but you have to be BRAVE, it will REGROW in time.

You have to do that first step on the day of the cycle when the flakes start getting crazy ie you can forsee this by itching getting more and more unbearable. For me, its was at the end/beginning of every month.

This is only the BEGINNING, there is no MIRACLE CURE, you will have to do this for MONTHS and progressively DILUDE The vinegar with water that is less that 5% hard (it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT, for HARD WATER will wreck your scalp).

The intensity and rythm of the dilution process will depend on YOU. Which brings me to the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ARTICLE: IT WILL NOT WORK, I REPEAT, IT WILL NOT WORK IT YOU DON'T have the proper diet during IT.

Which brings me to the MOST IMPORTANT Part of my article : Rebalancing your own body and intestinal flora.

The hormonal imbalance that your scalp experiences and this works for PSORIASIS, SEBBORHEA, and other scalp disorders, comes from YOUR GUT.

The only reason Apple cider vinegar worked for me is because 8 months prior to the treatment I stopped eating processed Sugar and started taking ProBiotics.

I swear to you that I feel 100% different, young than when i Was 20ish.. this part of the process is complex and very demanding and I will explain it in a further article.

But to me, one doesn't go without the other. If you eat like crap, Mc Donalds of whatever.. ACV will work ..but not nearly as good and you won't be cured.

I started ACV after 8months of correct diet in April 2015, today in september 2015, i haven't had a single major flake (only micro ones, like invisible dust..rarely). I regained 50% of the hair i had lost and it s still going. I have a girlfriend again.. and i m in love. (I had 1 year abstinence..partly because of that).

I went in 5 months from taking patches that covered 70% of my head..(sometimes it took me hours, days to take them off) to a free scalp.

Believe me not if you will..but to those of you in pain, not trusting their dermatologist anymore, KNOW THAT THERE IS REAL HOPE. DON'T FORSAKE IT. It was depressed for 2.5 Years because of that shit.. and BIO ACV Saved my life. It acts like cortisone but it is natural and there is no "accoutumance" syndrome.

Many people are scared of ACV because they don't use it BIO. You have to use it BIO, the processed ones are no good.

Since you will be using a lot at first, you will have some spots that may develop..but it goes away so quick once you start diluding. (for me by end august they were gone).

For those replying that this is an isolated case: It deals with Cortise AFTERMATH, which many SB Dermatitis subjects suffer from because of incompetents dermatologists. I went to see my dermatologist just to show him how i had cured it and he said, ill at-ease, "maybe I should advise that to my patients..hum".

I sincerely hopes this helps you, I tested that for months.. and since the first months my flakes have not returned (It diminished up to 90% the first 2 weeks..).

Best of Luck,



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