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Great, don't waste Your fast!
Anna Maria S Views: 6,980
Published: 6 years ago
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Great, don't waste Your fast!


that is a great idea. Try to last at least 7 - 10 days, if not longer.

Eczema, acne, and most other skin probems are always triggered by something.

Similar Health problems are either triggered by Food or by something in the air or something Your skin gets in contact with.

If Your eczema improves 50% during the 7-10 days fast ... try to find strength to fast a bit longer, as long as you are able to see some improvement.

Once the improvement stops, you have achieved Your goal.

If Your eczema improves lets say 70%, you can assume that 70% of Your eczema is triggered by Food, and at least 30% is triggered by other environmental factors like pollen or some man made Chemicals like soaps or cosmetics.

After the fast, regardless of how many days you last, you will be in the unique situation to easily detect all of Your dietarry eczema and Acne triggers.

Please read about Elimination-Rotation Diet .

Once you end the fast, include just one single Food item per day, and watch for reactions on Your skin.

Your skin will tell you if what you are eating is the trigger or the safe Food.

But, you must be disciplined and take it easy, one Food item per day, and do no make any assumptions.

People have disovered that in some cases, the least likely Foods to trigger eczema were actually triggrs, like rice, or chicken, or bif, or bananas or Apples or plums.

The most common eczema triggers are:

* pasteurized and homogenized milk (some People that react to pasteurized milk will not react to raw milk or to other dairy milk products).
* dairy products such as milk, butter, cream, cheese, yogurt and ice-cream
* eggs
* wheat
* gluten
* seafood like shrimps
* tree-nuts like walnuts, haselnuts, etc
* peanuts
* soy
* food preservatives and food additives like nitrates , nitrites , sorbates , benzoates , citrates , sulfites , MSG, etc
* berries like strawberries, ruspberries, blueberries
* Sugar added to food
* tomatoes like in tomatoe paste, ketchup and pizza
* laundry detergents
* cat and dog dander
* dust and dust mites
* citrus fruits
* pineapples
* bananas
* other tropical fruits
* industrially processed foods
* plastics like in plastic baby bottles
* synthetic clothing
* pollen
* coconuts(rare)
* almonds (rare)
* flame retardants
* wall paints (rare)
* pesticides used inside or outside house
* black mold
* polluted water or additives added to water (rare)
* polluted air
* perfumes
* cosmetics
* shampoos
* tooth paste
* nickel (rare)
* rubber
* copper
* hair dies
* rice (rare)
* sallicilates

Eczema triggers and allergens are 2 different categories.

Some allergens may trigger eczema, while some allergens may manifest iteslf with totally different sympoms.

Also, many eczema triggers are not "true allergens".

So, the relatonship between allergies and eczema is not 1:1.

You have 3 groups:
#1: Some allergens are not eczema triggers
#2: Some eczema triggers are not allergens and will NOT show on any skin or blood allergy tests
#3: Some allergens are eczema triggers and will ALSO show on some skin or blood allergy tests

I hope this helps you.

Try Reading more on total elimination-rotatio diet.

The more you know, the les likely you will be to make mistakes, and Waste golden opportunity to Discover all of Your dietarry eczema triggers.



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