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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Worms in my Eyes, Plz help

ok things are much better this mornin,
I got very sick last nite, I pass-out immd. after log-off and woke up middle of nite, so i flushed my colon out,
we are back to dark brown! last week we had some light color stool, also i did see worms in it, I saw small ones & few days later I saw some looked like spagehtti approx 1-2inch long , I think it was the days I took the IVM internally I saw the big ones

so I suspect a Mazzotti reaction as the walking & standing >confusion>mem-loss>headache>neck&back pain>stupor>dehydration were bad for several days after, and I had same reaction 3-4 mths ago after treated w/IVM then Alba, could it be just a Herx?
it lasted much longer last time as I did'nt know anything what it might be! atleast this time I have a clue,and new to stop treating & flush myself and help my liver get rid of toxins,
thank you
"Drinkin lots of water"
I am confused as to if Mazzotti is just with the LoaLoa & IVM or other eye worms or all worms?
from what it says on its "heavily infected patients with loa loa" if you know anything about about them or the mazzotti or herx
>> so I went today and did the blood tests so should know next month if Ascaris is positive or not.
I have a Derm scheduled in next week or so, gonna make sure too ask for a DEC skin patch test as I read if its positive , thats a positive test for the eye worm.
> I would not be suprised to find out I am infected with multiple worms! I am immuno-comprimised, ascaris/pins/hooks/whips/cats/dogs are all really easy too pick up here in cali as everyone has a animal and they dont Deworm them

PH >>> I did get some PH test drops on the way back from blood test and my saliva tested 6 (yellow)& urine came back (green) 7 , so i will keep testing 3-4 times a day to get a average over the next week.
first things in mornin and afternoon and dinner & before bed over the next week should give a good avg PH level

>>>IVM single dose test, I believe this is positive , from the reactions I had & when I feel the worms anywhere on me and I put the IVM lotion on they stop for appx 12hrs or die, today & yesterday I can feel them still in eyebrows and under skin to my temple area & down my Sinus,my nostrils are red&itchin I carefully apply IVM lotion to eyebrow & temple and they stop for awhile, they are pumping out eggs & larve ? as my eyebrow are extremely itchy, like I want to scratch my eyes & nose off! and I feel them pop thru my skin and crawl on it & crawl thru nasal passage it sucks bad as they itch real bad.

>> Hair Test Minerals & Metals test- can my GP doctor order this? I see GP soon or do I need to find a lab and have done myself? do they also check for vitimans

>> I do not understand= you are correct,
yes they are out of my GI tract
I am reading & learning and so glad I have found you & this website= hopefully I can get diagnosed & start to be treated properly before its too late, its just so fustrating knowing for 5yrs something was making me very sick and telling the doctor every month and getting excuses back from them or told I am delusional or Bi-polar or they got a big list of names to call me. but know that I am learning about these things, I can ask for & get specific tests done and prove them wrong, once a Lab test is in hand they can no longer deny treatment
thank you so much for your time & advice
I am gotta go clean while still feel good today

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