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Six weeks now on mineral/vitamin supplementation and feeling great!
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Published: 6 years ago

Six weeks now on mineral/vitamin supplementation and feeling great!

I posted my very long story a while ago about my hypothyroidism caused by the aluminum fluoride in tea.

Well, it's been six weeks and I'm happy to say I feel great! At first, when I realized I needed Iodine and finally started getting it (as well as the supporting cofactors), I felt like a super hero. But soon, I realized I was on a bit of a roller coaster, with highs of feeling hyperthyroid sometimes and lows of feeling hypothyroid again. Over the past six weeks though, the highs have slowly gotten less high, and the lows have gotten less low. Especially after I added iron, and digestive enzymes to help me get more out of my food. Hypothyroidism really affects the digestion, and I've found I need some help with stomach acid to digest my food, and drinking something acidic with meals or adding Emergen-C to my (fluoride free) water helps too.

I'm now taking:
Iodine: 25mg of Iodine a day (mg, not mcg!)
Selenium: 200mg a day
Zinc: It varies, but between 15 and 25mg a day
Iron: 30-60 mg a day
Vit C: 1500-2000mg a day
Vit E: 400-800IU a day
Vit A: 15,000 (as vit A and beta-caratene)
Vit D: 800IU a day
Magnesium: 400-800 a day
Calcium: 500 a day (I get a lot from food)
Some of the above is in a multivitamin, which also has a bunch of other things like Vit K, Boron, Biotin and the B vitamins.

I feel better when I eat more seafood, sushi, shrimp, oysters etc.

I don't believe researchers have discovered every important thing that we get from food, so I try to get as much good food into me as I can. I think that the digestive enzymes and Vit C has helped the most because now my stomach doesn't hurt after I eat. I have no constipation or bloating anymore.

Eggs contain a lot of lutein which is important for eye health. One of my symptoms that has been coming and going the past few weeks is with my vision. Specifically, my tolerance to sunlight. I used to eat eggs a lot but stopped in the Spring because eggs were starting to hurt my stomach. I was tested for an egg allergy but it was negative. Yesterday I decided to try them again. I made poached eggs, and after eating them I had no stomach pain. AND, within an hour, I felt the difference in my vision! It was very noticeable, kind of shockingly so. If you have a vision issue and want to try eggs, it's important to keep the yolk runny. Egg yolks are also an important source for biotin, which you need for hair and skin.

My skin is still one thing that is an issue. It's been pretty dry for a few months. Also my knee hurts some days. Not everyday. And it doesn't seem to be related to my activity. Can't complain too much since I'm feeling so amazing in all other ways.

Here is a summary of my symptoms that I no longer have:
Cold feet and hands
Headache and sinus congestion
Worse allergies
More frequent periods
Sick feeling in my neck/throat
Ear pain (deferred from my throat)
Lump in my throat, click when swallowing
Shifted circadian rhythm (Stay up late, sleep until noon if I could)
Lack of motivation
Mild apathy about everything
High cholesterol (dropped 60 pts!)
Heart skipping a beat
Strange chest pain (EKG normal)
Too high or too low blood pressure

I go back to get my blood work done again in a few weeks. My TSH was 2.9 last June when I had a lot of hypothyroid symptoms and so I basically went without treatment. Three months later, and after stopping tea and just beginning supplemental support, my TSH was 9.4. They checked my T4 and T3 then, and both were good. So far for me, TSH hasn't at all reflected what I've been feeling. Should be interesting to see what TSH shows next.


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