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Re: Of course they do...
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Of course they do...

I don't doubt they are on your case--I think they're terrified we are going to realize the whole of 'modern' medicine i.e. the big pharma backed medical industry (other than emergency medicine) is mostly a huge lie.

When they decided to make up all these diseases which they based on what were actually just parasite infestation symptoms, and then lulled us into forgetting we most surely do have parasites, and convinced us all these new 'diseases' were being discovered that they just happened to invent 'drugs' to 'cure, or manage, frequency resonance as a test tool hadn't been discovered yet, so they felt pretty safe that their deception wouldn't ever be discovered, and they could just keep raking in the bucks indefinitely, with no one the wiser.

Then along came people researching resonancy stuff like Rife and Dr. Clark. I don't know if Rife could measure the frequencies like Dr. Clark, who found a parasite and a toxin involved in every single one of their 'new diseases'. She hadn't put the full deception together yet, I don't think, but I'm sure the 'elites' were terrified that she would figure it out eventually.

So they got to someone close enough to poison her food--with cadmium, which at the end can mimic 'cancer'. And then they could point and say---'see, she was wrong--if her methodology worked, she wouldn't have died of 'cancer'! *ack*

So yah--they hate zappers because they kill their secret weapon, parasites. Why do you think the shills are so vicious? I'm not sure they know the extent of the deception either--since they're probably just told and paid (probably pretty well--the ultimate 'elite' control tool) to make people not use them--no matter what it takes (I've had them get threads pulled because they couldn't silence me and people were believing me over them.)

Belittling, or criticizing, or being the 'voice of reason' as to why zappers are just quackery, or calling people morons or crazy if they state their successes with the zapper, (I swear, it's almost like they have a playbook, as similar as their responses end up being) plus if one can't get someone to shut up, they'll call in their shill buddies, (I've had 4 or 5 trying to convince folks to that They shouldn't listen to my 'crazy' talk) and so on.

I'd bet you most of the 'nay' sayers answering this thread are in fact shills, trying to drive people away from what actually is the real solution to most all of today's chronic 'diseases. Of course, since they've started pre-infecting the parasites with virus, bacteria, and of course fungus, you might want to add herbs too. Sorry but zapping never really killed those for me, but herbs sure did.

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