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Bhumy Amalaki herb
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Published: 7 years ago

Bhumy Amalaki herb

I found this thread in a herbal archive while doing a search for an unrelated subject. I hope this helps someone.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Treatment for Hepatitis B/C

>>Hi Y'all,
>> My sister-in-law was told today that her liver is
>>abnormal, the result of some form of hepatitis. She's going to
>>have further testing done but it will be several weeks before
>>she will have any kind of results. I was wondering if there is
>>anything she could be taking now, that would help, like would
>>taking grape seed extract pills help?
>> Thanks for any and all help.
>Hepatitis-B can be ... with Phyllanthus amarus (a.k.a. P. nituri, P.
>niruri). In Ayurvedic prectice it is known as Bhumy Amalaki. 1 lb cost
>aprox $8-$25 u.s. dollars. And can conceivably ....4-10 people (by
>rough estimate). This ... was found by the Nobel Laureate B.S.
>Blumberg, the man who received his nobel prize for finding the Hep-B
>Take 1/4th to 1/2 teaspoon of Phyllanthus 3 times a day for 1 month
>and then 1/4th to 1/2 teaspoon once per day for several more months.
>It has NO side effects.

I forgot to mention that you should not make an infustion or extract
of this herb. Merely spoon measure it and place it on your tongue,
wash down with water. It is usually a light and dry powder, so avoid
inhaling while it is in your mouth so as not to get it into your
lungs, you'll end up having a cough fest if you do. It has no
unpleasant taste, just a mild spice-like quality to it. The reason I
tell you this is that the medical community abandoned studies of it
when they found that extracts of the herb were ineffective, yet the
whole plant did ... people. They could not reproduce its curative
properties in their drug factories and therefore could not patent it
(and make a significant financial gain off your suffering) so they
abaondoned it and don't bother telling anyone the ... exists now.
They found this ... back in 1987-1988 and the studies were done in
the u.s.a. (As reported in "The Lancet" in 1988.)

(Several people have found recent articles on follow-up studies that
totally discount the results that B.S. Blumberg and associates found.
I personally suspect these negative studies are being authored and
distributed by the same companies that are still trying to find a
financially profitable ... (and wouldn't want word to get out about
something that would make all their research and investments useless).
Lets face it, after I found out about this herb and their hiding the
information about it all these years, it became OBVIOUS to me that
they only care about money, saving lives is of no importance to
doctors anymore.)

>While you are trying to locate a source for this herb, prepare and
>drink the following decoction:
>In 1 quart of cold water in a NON-metalic pot place:
>2 ounces of Barberry Root Bark
>2 ounces of Dandelion Root
>2 ounces of Wild Yam Root
>2 ounces of Oregon Grape Root
>And bring to a simmer. while the water is heating up:
>Grind up 2 ounces of milk-thistle seed.
>After the root mixture has been simmering for 15 minutes, add the
>ground milk-thistle seed, and simmer for 10-15 minutes more. Do NOT
>boil. Remove from heat, allow to cool, and strain into a glass
>container. Refrigerate immediately as this will spoil within hours. It
>seems to be able to grow any yeast or bacteria floating in the air.
>Drink 1 small glass (3-4 ounces) one to three times per day. The above
>recipe should last you about 5 days (more or less). This decoction is
>the MOST VILE TASTING THING I HAVE EVER TASTED, but it is saving your
>life until you can obtain the Phyllanthus. Get used to it.

Newsgroup: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: Treatment for Hepatitis B/C

I'll second that. I had Hep. B at about the time all there was for an HIV
test was a thing called HTLVIII (1984), so the Drs. wondered if I weren't
HIV positive also. I wasn't, but they never told me that. A friend who
was a homeopathic nurse, treating both ailments, gave me the above herbs,
minus the grape root and with the thistle--also I did goldenseal root
powder in capsules and stinging nettles in the above mixture and slipppery
elm for the nausea. The symptoms subsided almost immediately with the
tea, so at least I could get around normally and wasn't in pain. I had
900+ liver functions for 18 months but am now Hep free and my liver is
fine. I am CONVINCED that it was the herbs. I knew nothing about any of
that stuff before and I am now a convert. It *is* vile, though. I used
to keep batches in the refrigerator, add Sweet N Low and pretend it was
iced tea. Good luck to you.


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