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Re: A Question for the Marshall Protocol People
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: A Question for the Marshall Protocol People

We are glad to be of service (Bicentennial man quote) <3

One Radio network has several enlightening podcats/interviews available on the subject:

Other reccommended podcasts are searches on 'Hulda Clark' and 'Jerry Tennant'.

Long story short on removing biofilms from the body,
raw radishes 4-6 chewed each meal, 5-6 meals spaced throughout the day for 14 days will do it

Wormwood (artemesia absentium) at a high enough concentration will do it

Raw apples (chewed only, not cooked) helps remove them and absorb some of the toxins released when they die

Iodine kills them through slow attrition (battle!)

Borax kills 'em by changing the blood PH levels towards an alkiline slant

N-butyric acid, a byproduct of resistant-fiber digestion (re: apples!) inhibits their growth by preventing biofilm-forming bacteria from morphing into their hyphal stage (infectious)

Soap does it. Simple, pretty cheap. Specifically, saponins are compounds produced by some plants to combat biofilms in their natural environment, Chaparral and Tribulus Terrestris are two of the herbs containing the highest amount of saponins.

Cheapest formulation I've seen to date is a capsule blend of diatomaceous earth (is a strong silica source, which ups seretonin levels, strength of connective tissue, muscles and bones, and disturbs parasites), 45%-saponin content tribulus terrestris powder, and activated charcoal to absorb the toxins released during dieoff so the liver isn't overwhelmed.

Intending to try it myself, I'm writing a bit of articles on the whole biofilms thing for a person who makes those capsules. His page provides a full recipie on how to make them, and ebay is.. Haha, a real good place for all the tools needed.

From 'that guy's page' (since pushing products is a bore, just reply for linkage. Plus posting info like this helps folks years down the line)
Ingredients are simple (By weight):
43% Permaguard food grade diatomaceous earth; Desiccates the intestines to kill gram negative bacteria such as ecoli and salmonella. Also seems active against the yeast that cause hunger pangs.
43% Hardwood Activated charcoal food grade. This mops up the toxins that the bacteria release when they die predominantly LPS (endotoxin). Prevents stressful "detox reaction."
13.5% Tribulus terrestris 45% extract powder; Natural saponins kill gram positive bacteria like c. dificile and staph. This will detox the gut completely without any herxheimer (die-off) reaction. Suggested dose is 1-3 tbsp a day (about 5g per tbsp) between meals and/or whenever there is stomach pain from bad food ect. If you take this regularly it was designed to prevent any type of flu or any casually contageous virus like H1N1, Ebola, Polio, ect. new research shows published in the journal Nature. This is your all natural all inclusive vaccination. Will store indefinitely.
Other 69.5% would be the weight of the capsule and the air in it
Vendorguy notes that the tradeoff is having a more fragile intestinal immunesystem because you're scrubbin' the walls clean.

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