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help please. life threatening infestation.
TrishP333 Views: 6,944
Published: 7 years ago

help please. life threatening infestation.

Okay I am in need of serious and immediate help please and thank you! Here is my story and I need your help because this is bizarre and crazy.

Long story short a few weeks ago I started feeling holes in the back of my throat back where my wisdom teeth were supposed to be but were not and feeling like something was crawling up my throatt especially at night. Doctors all told me that I had lymph stones and they would not listen to me when I said that I thought that I had tape worms. I then saw the scariest thing of my entire whole life, which was some THING come through the hole in my mouth and drop an egg sac under my TONGUE, right under a very thin layer of skin. I pressed on the wrong thing in my chest and heard and felt a huge popping sound. I went to the ER in incredible pain thinking that I had damaged my esophageous or something like that. They ran their tests and told me that I had torn my diaphragm. I went from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital trying to get them to listen to me but when you tell the medical field that you have parasites and or tapeworms, saying that they find you freaking nuts is putting it mildly. They would not give me an MRI which is what I needed. My blood tests all came back within normal ranges. Except that it appeared that I was forming a blood clot in my lungs, and other tests showed something about a pulminary embolism and a previous heart attack and ischematic stroke. I am not good with the numbers and ranges of things, but apparently I have had a heart attack and did not know it. I also went to the ER for an Ischematic Stroke about a year and a half ago. My immune system is shot, I have almost no vitamins in my body and they have taken over my head and my life. My medication that I am on right now for it ( Albenza ) and is very expensive plus my treatments and tests and I have been so sick ever since this started so I have not been working. I was told at the local health food store today that I should go on here and tell my story and ask for help. I have no idea if this will do any good but I have to have faith and hope because right now that is pretty much all that I have left. They seemingly have attached themselves to my spinal cord and I constantly feel them moving around and biting me, and hurting my heart and my left lung and now they have gone into my brain. Last night I lifted my arm up and heard a HUGE CRACK and something really long fell down. I have never been so scared in my life. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ALL OF THIS. IT SURFACED IN MY CHEST AND THE BLOODY MARKS THAT IT MADE WERE LIKE A SMILEY FACE. AND I DID THE WORST THING EVER AND TRAPPED THE HEAD AND MY FIANCEE AND I TRIED LIKE HECK TO KILL IT BUT I EVENTUALLY HAD TO LET GO. WE WERE AT THE ER AND I WAS BLEEDING OUT OF MY CHEST AND THEY JUST STOOD THERE AND DID NOTHING AT ALL AND TOLD ME TO GO AND SIT DOWN AND WAIT FOR MY TURN. THEY WERE HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE. AND EVER SINCE THEN THEY WENT FURTHER AND FURTHER UP AND ARE NOW IN THE BACK OF MY SPINE AND MY BRAIN AND I AM OH SO VERY SCARED THAT THEY ARE EATING MY BRAIN STEM AND THAT ONE SIDE WAS WHAT CRACKED WHEN THAT THING FELL. IT IS THROUGH MY NASAL PASSAGES I JUST LIFETED UP MY NOSE AND SAW THE HOLE AND IT PARTIALLY CAME OUT AND MY FIANCEE GOT PART OF IT WITH TWEEZERS AND WITHIN A FEW MINUTES IT TURNED FROM FLESH COLORED TO A LIGHT GREEN. AND NOW THEY ARE IN MY BRAIN AND YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE AND FEEL THEM WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. WHAT IS HAPPENENING TO ME? THIS IS ALSO HAPPENING TO MY FIANCEE. I DID CONSUME FROG LEGS AND UNDERCOOKED p 0 r n WITHIN THE PAST FEW MONTHS. THIS IS ALL THE TRUTH. PLEASE HELP US. WE DO NOT WANT TO DIE. I desperately and terribly need your help before it is too late. Also terrible joint pain musscle pain eye pain spine pain. Dizziness. Vertigo. Acid reflux. Headaches. Little white worms coming out of lips. Feeling it in my cheeks and nose. Lots more. Thank you. xoxo <3

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