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Video Embedded Re: too tired to sleep
Published: 6 years ago
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Re: too tired to sleep

Spellcheck, possible casting spells

Auto everything... Except auto transmissions in traffic! yep agreed!

Liver area sore, pain past few days could be intestine? kinda fasted yesterday, woke with still pain area.. SCD yogurt helped almost immediately (not fully out of the forest~!) could indicate issue not liver? so many thing s it could be briefly worked with solvents on cars no gloves, few days in a row...

stopped the pinch of Epsom salts in water few days..

IMAM daily except today yet

Low energy too with bits of energy bursts 1/2 days worth at most, lots of sun for me

tinnitus pressure in head moving around

Stopped the Vervain tincture for a few days to see, maybe start back on the blue, give blue a try now.

Seeing lots of strangeness around me! (being expressed in others!) parking their cars in intersections to chat, walking down the street holding their silly phone weapons up
clogging up the arteries of America.. I know I know!!! stop judging :)
any thoughts on liver/ epsom salts? Thanks

* Past 2 weeks went down to 4 drops sski still at 30 mg Armour took the DHEA down from 35 to 5. after that settled for a few days, not feeling the same cold tips( fingers-toes-nose )coming back. Took the SSKI back up to 8 drops, 210 mgs couple of night sweats but recognizably overall better, except pain area

** bladder, something thrashing about again!

despite all this, been taking it slower this past few weeks ;)

on "Colliding"..
one opinion:

On the 2015 15th August a unique planetary alignment is to take place. The hadron collider will be pushed to its maximum output on the 15th. The purpose of this is to break human’s connection to source. The earth has a natural bio rhythm which rises and falls just as a surfer on a surf board rides the ocean wave so the hadron collider is intending to ride the natural bio rhythmic wave from the earth. Obviously this is not a good thing.

Today the CERN is activited again efforts of the large hadron collider, timed to the Dormition, are an attempt to put Sophia, the planet and thus us, back to sleep.
the movie reveals the opening of CERN on September 23rd—which just so happens to be the “Day of Atonement” on the Jewish calendar.
When is CERN Scheduled to “Open the Door”? Answer—September

When is the United Nations Meeting? Answer—September 25th-27th and on the 26th they will be hosting the “International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons” A “world peace” gathering.…/september-23-2015-chaos-ca…

More Dragon p 0 r n with interesting comments


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