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Re: hydrogen peroxide for enemas?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: hydrogen peroxide for enemas?

First of all I would like to say I am thankful to all contributors. I read all these posts and they have been helpful.

Here is my story. I did liver cleansing. It all went smoothly. I started with normal food and I ate quite a lot in the afternoon and in the evening.

Day 1: The next morning at 8 AM I wanted to start with coffee enemas. Before coffee I introduced 3 % food grade hydrogen peroxide wanting to really clean the intestines which turned out to be a huge mistake. I used hydrogen peroxide enemas before but not after the flush when the intestines are highly irritated due to Epsom Salt purge. I sensed the burning so I stopped with the procedure after a couple of minutes and definitely not soon enough.

The next two hours I was sitting on the toilet in excruciating pain. I also vomited a couple of times. From there on I was visiting the bathroom every 15 minutes to half an hour. The cramps I had were so painful I was screaming. I was totally exhausted.

Every time blood and mucus are coming out and my bum is swollen and tender as well as the intestines. This continued for the first 24 hours so I haven't slept a bit. I started with aloe vera and cucumber/celery juice.

Day 2: I could hold for half an hour for the first time. I am not screaming anymore because of the pain which is less severe than on Day 1 but I am still moaning occasionally.  Loads of mucus and blood are coming out with some strange particles from time to time. I am comforting myself I was getting a good cleanse.

Day 3: I got at least some sleep the second night, of course in shifts as I have been waking uo in intervals not longer than one hour but the pain had lessened so I managed to fall asleep in between three bathroom visits. The bleeding hasn't stopped but it is less severe. So slowly the condition wais s improving which gives me hope I am on the right path. It is interesting I am not having any fasting detoxification symptoms as the toxins are probably expelled with blood and mucus.

Day 4: The last night was less dramatic. I slept for two hours in a row two times. I am still fasting, drinking chamomile tea with vitamin C, aloe vera (3-4 times 50 ml) and cucumber/celery juice. I would use bone broth as well if I had it ready. The bleeding was milder that day. I started to have mild detoxification symptoms as my bathroom visits were not as frequent as before.

I decided to do an enema as my sphincter is so tender due to straining because of feeling constant pressure and almost nothing coming out. I managed to get half a litre of water inside in spite of the pain, I made a mess in my bathroom as I couldn't hold it inside long enough to stand up and aimed at the toilet hole on time but it seems it helped a bit.

Why I haven't figured out that before???!!! I went to the bathroom an hour later and then I didn't for three hours! What a relief!

In the afternoon I did a second enema and managed to get in just half a litre again but the water travelled deeper. This time a lot of material came out and I realized where all those cramps are coming from.

I managed for the first time to hold in for a minute or two when I felt the urge to go to the toilet which wasn't the case before. I was leaving blood-mucus-faeces marks on the floor each time I rushed to the bathroom.

Day 5:
I slept for once three and once even four hours in a row! :)
I weighed myself and found out I lost 7 kilos aka 14 pounds in just 5 days.
Bathroom visits are less frequent. Three to four hours in between them.

Cramps kicking back in though occasionally. There was still blood in those tiny chunks coming out now and then. I decided to start eating. A smoothie first. Then I ate two salads until the evening.

Day 6:

Felling much better. Slept whole night long. Back to normal.

1. If you are having cramps and/or feeling constant pressure doing an enema with pure water will help. Do it as soon as you can and repeat it several times! It will help with the cramps as well as with feeling of the constant pressure. It can be messy and painful though but it pays off as the relief you get afterwards will be immense.

2. Drinking aloe vera, vitamin C, bone broth and celery/cucumber juice helps heal-seal the intestinal wall. Inserting some aloe vera juice in your rectum (if you can) will help alleviate pain and heal the intestines as well.

3. Fast! At least on the first day. Eating anything solid will slow the recovery and make the whole experience more painful in the beginning. Though eating might push through the debris in the bowels causing cramps. Your call! I will not repeat it to try that option and get back to you. 

4. Hydrate your body! You are losing water and minerals! Start replenishing the minerals as soon as the diarrhoea stops!

5. Consider using other less aggressive enemas (pure water, wheat juice, saltwater, coffee, herbal tea, aloe vera, Epsom salt...) next time. Probably the last time I did H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) enema myself. :)

6. Using painkillers will ease the initial most painful period as well as help you get asleep. I hadn't taken any though. I took one tablet with 3 g of melatonin in the evening to get asleep easier for at least some time.

7. If the pain and other symptoms don’t start to diminish soon enough do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

8. Being mentally and emotionally stable helps you through the first day of pain and exhaustion. Having somebody to help you and encourage you the first day also makes a difference. Without my partner it would be definitely harder.

9. Listening to your body is the most crucial advice I can give you! Each body is different and each experience will be different. So adjust above mentioned recommendations to your situation. Drop some, enforce others, add some additional. And if you do and they work please share them here.

Wishing you happy healing and loads of love towards yourself!

Borut from sLOVEnia, Europe

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