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Image Embedded Facebook Wall of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Holistic Doctor Who Passed Away Mysteriously, Overwhelmed by Support of Grateful Parents
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Published: 3 years ago

Facebook Wall of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Holistic Doctor Who Passed Away Mysteriously, Overwhelmed by Support of Grateful Parents

On June 19 a prominent holistic doctor named Jeff Bradstreet’s body was found floating in the Rocky Broad River in North Carolina, just days after his office was raided by FDA and Georgia Drugs and Narcotics officers.

The 61-year-old had died of an apparent gunshot to the chest in an incident that was immediately ruled a suicide, but the family reportedly has serious questions about the official story and have vowed to “get to the bottom of (what happened),” using private investigators according to this article from the website

Bradstreet was reportedly facing up 20 years in prison for administering an unapproved immune system-focused treatment that critics say has not been adequately tested for safety. 

Meanwhile, a tug-of-war over Bradstreet’s real legacy has broken out between certain media outlets and the doctor’s supporters, patients and family members.

An autism researcher (who was a) hero to some and conspiracy theorist to others” is how one Georgia newspaper described Dr. Bradstreet, who worked with autistic kids using nutrition and various advanced methods, while also conducting research and raising questions as to whether autism may be connected to additives in vaccines.

While skeptics remain, Dr. Bradstreet’s impact is perhaps best captured in the words of those who worked with him words of heartfelt thanks and gratitude left by former clients on a special remembrance page on Facebook. 


They range from stories of kids healed from autism to parents sticking up for the late doctor in light of recent media potrayals that paint him as more of a money-hungry “conspiracy theorist” than the revolutionary healer many of his patients saw him as, based on their children’s results. 

Parents, Others Share Stories of Healing

The Facebook page, titled ‘Remembering Dr. Bradstreet,’ includes a picture of the former preacher turned holistic doctor with the words “Redefining Autism” included.
Dr. Bradstreet received his medical license in 1984, graduating from the University of South Florida and going on to start the International Child Development Resource Center in Melbourne, Florida.

He also published controversial research in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons linking vaccine additives to autism while noting that most patients tend to have higher levels of mercury in their bodies.

Dr. Bradstreet endorsed alternative treatments such as intravenous immunoglobulin, stem cell therapy, chelation of heavy metals and other toxins, and even hyperbaric oxygen chambers. He noted that each child responds differently to different treatments, and that each case should be handled on an individual basis for best results.

While the autism rate continues to climb with some research predicting as many as 1 in 2 children affected by the year 2025, the quest for solutions has reached a heightened state. Since Dr. Bradstreet began specializing in autism with his unique methods, many parents from around the world began to look for them in his office.

Remembering Dr. Jeff Bradstreet 

'Redefining Autism' is the title of a forthcoming book on Bradstreet's life and work.

‘Redefining Autism’ is the title of a forthcoming book on Bradstreet’s life and work.

With over 4,000 fans on Facebook, the ‘Remembering Dr. Bradstreet’ page is being flooded with messages of support daily, along with testimonials of his successes in treating autistic children.

One woman named Donna wrote the following:

Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic in Melbourne, FL was the place we turned to when our son’s doctor could offer us no more than a suggestion for speech and behavior therapy, neither of which was covered by insurance, nor would address the root causes of ‘autism.’” she said. “We are so grateful for all of the great care, progressive thinking, rigorous research and compassion our family received thanks to Dr. Bradstreet’s vision and commitment…”

Another parent named Kim had this to say:

Just learned of Dr. Bradstreet’s death. I am so upset. He was the only doctor to help my son and saved his life…”

Another woman, also named Donna, had a daughter who was diagnosed with autism at age 2; now she’s 19, in college, and living on her own while working as a nanny.

This is just a sampling of a laundry list of people saying that Dr. Bradstreet’s methods helped their kids to heal where other mainstream doctors had failed. 

Despite the outpouring of support, research behind his work, and countless stories of healing shared by the families of his patients, the mainstream media has remained skeptical of Dr. Bradstreet’s legacy, as evidenced by headlines like this one in the The Washington Post:


The challenges continue to mount, but the Bradstreet family is focused on learning the truth about his death, hiring two former FBI agents as part of their investigation.

In the meantime, many of his friends and supporters are still in shock over what happened, and rushing to defend a doctor who clearly had an impact on many lives.

One parent named Rick : 

I would like to say to the critics if you were never his patient you will never understand and as far as I am concerned your opinions really don’t matter.

“If you were his patient you know the truth! I find it interesting that when people choose a medical alternative that is different than theirs it is wrong…


He continued:

“I also find it interesting that when people pay out of their own pockets and choose alternative care we are criticized. When did we become a society that is required to choose only what the AMA says is the only way? In 20 years we will look back and realize that men like Dr. Bradstreet were right. Remember there was a time when the medical doctors agreed that smoking did no harm” he added, referencing an infamous Camel ad with a smoking doctor.

To the critics,” he continued: “Why is it wrong when traditional medicine gives no hope for autistic children and Dr. Bradstreet and others worked tirelessly for a cure it is wrong? My son was helped dramatically with his care – Thank you Dr. Bradstreet we love you.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe page titled ‘Find Out the TRUTH” which has already raised tens of thousands of dollars toward an independent investigation.

Dr. Bradstreet’s death is just one case out of five involving prominent holistic doctors, with five others gone missing. Is there a connection? Read here for more.


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