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Re: Craving for cashews since starting a raw vegan diet and fasting
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Craving for cashews since starting a raw vegan diet and fasting

Please understand about my limited knowledge, I'm just someone struggling to get better.

Only similarity is, in the similar way all this started about 2-3 years back and then grew.

Tests: Metametrix (to be done in labs), Cayenne-Pepper test (find out the process on this forum how it could be done in home, just too easy to do). Normal allopathic tests give false results, allopathic treatment did not work for the long-term for me. (personal experience, again no disrespect for someone for whom it worked)

For testing mineral levels in body: Hair Mineral Analysis Test (ARM Lab) or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (Trace Element Lab). But if someone has parasite problem, it's a fact that mineral levels are down and hormone levels are disturbed (professionals wouldn't say that, as there could be vested interest). To learn more about mineral: Google Dr. Wilson's site. I didn't do any test, I was suspecting it but it was accidental to reveal parasite and should now think fortunate that I came to know the real cause.

For me, to reduce cravings, Blue-berries and strawberries assist (atleast blue-berries don't seem to be liked by these creatures, not sure about strawberries). Homemade Vegetable broth (only green leafy vegetables like Kale, Spinach etc. and no exotic thing for flavor) provides minerals. Replacing normal salt by Himalayan or Celtic salt also assists. Logical, as all these provide minerals.

The best solution to stop craving from nuts for me: Don't buy them and replace from these products.

If at all parasite tests are positive, without getting scared, watch this video that DesertLili posted the link for. Must take the right protocol: Only Doc Sutter's protocol working for me so far after trying many others. There too dewormer by barefoot or order raw herbs from Mountainrose herbs. In that case, must buy Doc Sutter's book "The paradigm shift" before starting any treatment (whether go to naturopath or not). Search for the curezone user: "Onwards". Older messages, but credible.

Tons of complications. If find a naturopath (who has actually gone through all this and have NOT learnt from books), someone who charges reasonable $$$ and actually cures, then better.

At the end, if could, then please save this message and if decide to use this then must focus on small factual details, my condition rarely allows me to write so much. Must research online a lot if really like to get better, curezone is great (don't try to buy health by spending $$$, it didn't work for me for 12 months, do own research and get knowledge). We are responsible for our health!

Please pray for me to get better:)

p.s.: no professional relation for the reference provided, no commission received from these.

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