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Body battery, fasting is pulling the body's car into the mechanic's shop.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Body battery, fasting is pulling the body's car into the mechanic's shop.

The body hides the best gut flora in the appendix and nourishes them there like a svalbard seed bank for apocolyptic volcanic catastrophes. Positive gut flora can survive 40-day no-water, no-food fasts. If it's recorded as factual information from ancient times and reported today as fact from india, china, japan and the USA, then there's other methods the body uses to obtain the neccessary moisture once it is eased into such situations as dry fasting.

The skin is the largest inhalation and exhalation tool we have, it inhales sunlight and air humidity, and exhales sweat and toxins and ions we don't need. That's why bentonite bathing (negative-charged or alkiline-PH (atomic electrical charge in liquid solution)) is such a powerful detoxer. Herxheimer reactions have everything to do with the body being in acidic mode (positive charge, oxadative) mode, and infectious reactions. Body works best in /slightly/ alkiline conditions, (very, /very/ slight negative charge, which is resting mode, parasympathetic function).

That's also why grounding (walking barefoot) has a healing effect. We otherwise float like clouds and make our own electrical charge towards the positive side when insolated from the ground. Sooner or later the overload of ions has to be unloaded so we can reset to factory defaults (good health), or else ye get lightning and thunder and lotsa tears and storm. ;)

Your two week juice fasting loaded your body with negative-charged fuel for rebuilding the body's tissues with, but if it was mostly fruit juices, it was just feeding biofilms (insolation material built by candida which masks infectious agents from the immune system) which thrive in a positive-charge (acid) electrical body environment.

Cleaning the gut of all microbes /does/ have a positive effect, but ONLY if you are prepared to rebuild from scratch and have a blood-related or living close and eating the things you will eat FMT donor, ideally of the same sex. FMTs are available in capsule form across the states and a few places in europe, but it's veryvery expensive.

Your pain from juice fasting from storebought juices has three likely aspects:
Sterilized food. All storebought and shelf-life-enhanced foods are pasturized. All enzymes and good gut flora that exists in the juices are killed in this process. The dominant charge of the juices goes from powerfully detoxing (negative charge) to a slow progression to an oxidizing foodsource (positive charge). Pasturization also kills the omega-3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids in the juices that you'd build new cell walls with.

Lack of resistant starches (fiber stomach acid does not break down) to for good gut flora to produce butyrate and fight fungal colonies (biofilms, candida, candidiasis) with. It is primarily butyrate (n-butyric acid) (butter acid, the reason folk from india worshipped cows) that maintains the integrity (solid cell walls, tight junctions against the invasion of bacterial agents into the bloodstream) and efficacy (production of properly-functioning cytokines (Th-immune cells)) of epethileal cells. (gut, skin, blood-brain-barrier, sexual organs, and passages of liver, pancreas, spleen and lungs).

Lack of protiens to rebuild the body tissue from. Juicing provides the raw minerals, live enzymes, vitamins and such, but much of the protiens are coupled together with the fruit and vegetable matter. Only fruit is meant to be eaten uncooked, vegetable matter (tomato is a fruit) needs to be very gently cooked for maximum nutrient value. Chewing the food stimulates enzyme production in the mouth and that starts the breakdown (metabolism, breakdown, absorption) of nutrients. Juicing stops that entire process and brings the un-enzyme-ated stuff straight to your small intestine, skipping stomach acid. Stomach acid makes you able to absorb zinc, fatty substances, and certain minerals. It starts with the nose, the nose stimulates the saltivary glands, the chewing starts the production of stomach acid, the swallowing starts the stimulation of dopamine (reward neurotransmitter) in the stomach lining, and seretonin is produced from the amino acids absorbed in the gut lining.

This article (2 pages long || ) explains it in full, and why low stomach acid is the foundation for candidiasis (biofilm formation in the body) and food allergies.

I'm happy to hear you felt so good on store juice fasting! I believe you had some true benefits from it, especially in rebuilding your mineral stores in the body.
But it does not break down biofilms.

Heat, the glutathione-peri(oxi)dase cycle, and hydro-chloric acid and competition for resources are the innate immune system responce available in every single cell in the body.

The body uses the same cycle that is the 3'Rs that the US started to try and teach their people in the 90's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Fasting is NOT done.. for emotionally-destructive reasons. Anorexia nervosa and bulemia are both spiritual and nutritional misalignments. (especially specific b-vitamins)

Fasting is NOT blindly done. Wisely guided, it does not kill.
From sick to well starts with tiny steps, 1 day. One attempt, one testing of the water, and understanding the messages of the body and it's needs.

The article you linked me to (Candida Ė The Master of Punishment and Reward || ) is beautiful! At least the first part. ;-) It mentions how Acetylaldehyde speeds the use of seretonin and dopamine, which is new information to me.

Essential oils do help reprogram the body's cells and trigger immune system (healing, regenerative) responces. They are not to my knowledge powerful enough to break down biofilms- but highly alkiline (negative charge) body environments are, light and heat are, excercise is (lactic acid loves you, produced by muscles), the right sort of electric charge is (direct current at specific voltage), and enzymes are.

Fasting speeds the production of enzymes.
Adding supplemental enzymes is a stopgap measure... And also expensive. It's simply best to use what you already have, educate a little, take two steps forewards, one back. There will always be setbacks.

You say DiMarco promoted biotin against candida?
He is right because it is a sulfuric molecule.
That is also an alkilizing (negative-charge, electron-donor) agent.

However, biofilms are not enemies, they are living organisims trying to survive in a hostile environment. They are walled cities with diverse colonists. They hide gram-postive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, fungi, parasite eggs, etc, etc, etc.
They are nnnggh.. if I can put it another way, gut flora kittens. They want, they need, they try everything they can to survive. Candida is not a deadly thing, it is a mosquito to be swatted.

The oldest technique used in history to kill biofilms is to Stop, eat, Stop. The oldest advice in history for healing when you are sick in the middle of fasting is UT. The kidneys pass broken-down particles of infectious agents from the blood, and the broken-down particles are snippets of DNA, RNA, cell walls, etc, which prime the immune system in the epithelial (mucosal) lining of the mouth and small intestine (peyer's patches). Peyer's patches are programming for the immune system's 'database over what belongs and what does not'. They are well worth investigating.

Without butyrate, they do not work well. Butter acid (n-butyric acid) stimulates enzyme production in the pancreas and releases gamma-amino(butyric)-acid, GABA, the inhibitory neurotransmitter, which stops cyclical and stressed out thoughts.

Butyric acid is not necessary in the middle of fasting, but it is part of a very simple recipie a person posted about here on CZ to eliminate candiasis- butyrate and borax (sodium tetraborate in a water solution drunk every day), likely with titration (slow stepping up of doses) over weeks.
I've drunk borax water, it made me pee and pee and pee and then gave me a very slight acidic headache, and made my skin feel dry.
I do drink butyric acid here and there. It makes me feel like I am getting less oxygen to my lungs. It's all a question about the tiniest amount of these trace elements at the right level for the body.

Neither butyrate or butyric acid will train the body's immune system perfectly to destroy a lifetime of leaky gut, but they can help. Intermittent fasting is powerful.. but you know..

I'm 96 kilos. There's a lot of candida in there swelling me up. I'm on insulin, I haven't fasted long enough to know more. Just like anything, it can be an obsession (Hinduist monk activity) that swells the head just like anything else (hubris), and fasting is a sure way to pull the car of your life into the mechanic's shop for a good thorough replacement of parts, lubrication of the wheels, and cleaning of the upholstry.

You're still going to have to fuel the gastank on the way on the road again, and the car's never going to handle the same after a total rebuild. Even the operating system on the GPS unit gets rebuilt (brain, personality).
The body is built 'of the clay of the earth' - sulfur and lime and minerals, some metals, but mostly dirt. Fats are comprised of the same minerals the soil and air are, the same for protien and carbohydrates.

Sometimes addatives in the gas help the performance, but sometimes they are (pardon my french), merdť. Who wants to use leaded fuel? Byech. Sometimes you have to drain out all the oil and put cleanser in the fueltank to chase out gunk so it'll run properly.

A smarter fasting cycle is 3 days water, 3 days dry, 1 day water, 7 days juice and raw grassfed milk (milk primes the immune system for protien metabolisim) in slowly greater portions each day until the week is out, and then solid fruits, steamed/roasted/etc veg for 14 days, and experimentation with (light) amounts of meat afterwards. Deck-of-card sized meat portions in the morning with fats. A chicken egg from a grass-happy chicken, a slice of salmon, a bit of bone broth.

This is simply a shot in the dark though, longer fasts are more powerful, and I am not fully practiced. I have raw juice fasted for short periods (max 4 days) myself, usually beetroot juice :-) .. And 1 day dry fasting (24 hours, on insulin, (> 3<);; (emoticon, squeezy-eyes, pursed lips, sweatdrops!) ). TFC is btw just a shortening of the website name, 'the fasting connection'. That site is doctor-moderated, straightforewards. A ton of the data on fasting is from military research on the limits of the human body's endurance.

Some of the best probiotics are in edible, uncooked mushrooms.. That's a whole topic I have not explored to it's depth though.

I do like the less-is-more theory to healing, but any specific doctrine (iodine is answer to everything, rife is answer to everything, vitamin supplements are the answer to everything, doctors are the answer to everything) is blind thinking when followed religiously. My favorite quote on that matter is this, 'Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.'
Pollution by the world- the moremoremrore, postitive-charge, constant living in sympathetic mode system. We do want something to heal and help us, but it's usually a blind chase. If anything, a little fasting, a lot of meditation and struggle with old negative thoughts (in my case, done asking the 'HS' holy spirit, unselfish God) to show symbolically the full truth on the old emotional patterns that have held me bound.

Which is.. ironic because a lot of that happened during forced fasting, when I couldn't sleep for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Sigh~
I guess fasting is one way to take the bull by the horns before it charges. It's no less easy than having the flu, but unlike the flu-bull, the fasting-bull doesn't send one fleeing to the chemist's shoppe for a tire patch for the body-car. New tires are a lot better, but cost a buck or two (some 'hard' work).

For that matter, doctors are not an enemy, hospitals are not an enemy, oncologists are not enemies, endocrinologists are not enemies. They are people trying to help meet other people's needs, and in most cases, needing connections with trustworthy and patient, well-informed and gentle people to educate them.. We're never done learning, are we?

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