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Fasting definately not full answer, but part
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Published: 6 years ago
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Fasting definately not full answer, but part

latest 2 week juice fasting i did end up stomach pains so had to stop 

Was it juice fasting is repopulation of the intestinal track with healthy gut flora, apple fibres are needed to produce butyrate and give fuel for the mitochondria. Pain is likely related, butyrate is main ingredient in GABA (antiinflammatrory action), without it the pancreas will complain, stomach and pancreas function as one unit and located right up against eachother. 
Plain juice fasting alone to repopulate the gut is not a complete restart of the healthy flora, raw organic cow's milk introduces more probiotic cultures & helps rebuild immune system/cells across the body.

 ( too much copper and no zink i gues) 

I kinda went the opposite way, learned how copper and zinc interact in the body first.. Dr Wilson's theories aren't the final word IMO. Had noted vit C depletes copper in body.. 
eating fruit (fructose sugars) gets body to produce it's own vit C.  (recipie in forum thread for Glucuronic acid and Glucuronolactone (metabolites of lactic acid and fructose metabolisim) is inaccurate, proper recipie found here (below product explanation))


going very low carb or ketogenic will only provide more fuel for the overgrowth. Furthermore, since ketones are water-soluble and pass easily through cellular membranes, ketones will actually be a more accessible food source for candida.

Effect of fasting on cancerous cells disproves this theory, research doctor found fasting in mice and rats destroyed cancers, progressed on to inviting humans to try the same, cancer was removed in weeks, with proressive tumor reduction. Cancer at base is hyphal cells (several other types than just candida have the behavior of loosing their cell walls) which have infected a cell who's fatty-acid cell membrane is too weak to stop invasion. Fungal activity in cancer cells is a proven fact. (source of information, Dr David Tennant presentations)

Fasting improves the production of perioxidases (hydrochloric acid) (this activity is kickstarted by iodine), which are produced at every site of an unwelcome organisim (especially in the case of the cancer cell and the cells surrounding it). It's a competative thing.. fungal activity slows down to a level where trying to eat ketones while getting attacked by perioxidases is.. Well, you can starve nearly any city to death with a siege. ;-)


it "might" be too much for the body. I am not saying it cant be done, but simply that we have to take take into account the modern time heavy metals situation also.It depends of the mineral status of individual. 

Sweat and ionic minerals, been trying to detox after 28 years with amalgams, quite clear that it flows out best with water, the gut method is quite slow, but bathing and sweating can shunt the trash out any time you like (and bind it if you use calcium bentonite in the water). 

Chuckle-worthy that there is a guide to '5 step detox process' on TFC. Still, fasting alone does not rebuild all tissues. Full tissue regeneration is 1 year long. 

This was a non issue in Bible times, but now has big effect.
Methinks not so. ;-) metallurgy was a prime science from sumerian (pre-babylonian error) times and on up, lead a prime smithy tool in greek and roman cultures, and chinese records of using mercury as a medicinal compound goes back terribly far. Humans 'ave always been seeking ways to mess themselves up. ;-) 


 btw , dont candida give body "reward" when it is happy ?
Nawh. It's the body's sense of smell and taste (same celltypes that line the nasal passage and tongue also line the entire gastointestinal tract). Body's prime fuels are 1) sugars (100% bloodsugar spike), 2) protiens (45% of total protien content metabolized into bloodsugar spike over 2 hours), and 3) fats (33% of total fats metabolized into bloodsugar spike over 7-8 hours). 

The spike of seretonin and dopamine is instantaneous (electrical) activity at the neuronal levels, epithelial cells (nasal passage, mouth, stomach, gut) are intimately linked with neurons, and the majority of seretogenic activity happens right at the stomach (within 5-10 minutes of ingestion). 

Candida indeed creates a demand in the body for higher glucose requirements, since biofilm colonies starve the body to death from the inside out, but hunger pangs are one's own body reporting its' own needs.

Please let me know if you find data on candida generating neurotransmitters ;-)


Have gotten to think of the way gutbuggers and the gut lining interact with chemical signals as being the sense of smell- the body smells what it wants, it triggers activity. Same thing with using essential oils to kill parasites, they smell something they don't like, they flee! (another biblical reference, instructions, 'annoint the sick with oil of x,y,z', likely an egyptian recipie).


Have had a lot of paradigm shifts in the years of wandering these forums and alt health sites. Love documentaries like stuff from the history channel, and a bit of a mythology and archaeology buff here. I figure it's hubris, the mood we get about ancient times, that ppl were better off/worse/more ignorant/less ignorant than we are. 

The upbloom of human knowledge and knowledge-sharing sure has gone way up! 

My thought is that no matter our time period or enviornment, we always try the best we can and know how. :-) 



I will keep my thumps up for you fasting mission illys / elisah, i partly wish i could start

:-) You've done much more than I have! Was it homejuiced stuff? 

Hubby bought me a centrifugal juicer, though it's a pain in le arse to clean. 
Longest no-solids fast was 6 days, but went and bought store juices on the 4rth day, and managing blood glucose levels on the 5th and 6th day was stress (juicing still gave spikes) that tumbled me out of it.


Am back on P&B shakes right now, had the best mood on it in early july.  


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