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Image Embedded Alternative health Doctor-Gonzoles dies and teen forced against will to do chemo--videos
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Published: 6 years ago

Alternative health Doctor-Gonzoles dies and teen forced against will to do chemo--videos

Ty Bollinger reported the death of Dr Nicholas Gonzalez (sorry cant change mispelling in title) who did so much to help pancreatic cancer patients I believe he had one live over 3 decades, Linda Issac also in the quest for cure videos on curing cancer  is left to continue his work based on Dr Kelly.

The full interview done last year with him in the quest for the cure videos I mention in the cancer forum I did on here a while back is presented for you to watch for free.  This interview was only available to those who paid for the series and was not shown on YouTube free except in excerpts so I would watch it

here is the info




Prominent Alternative Cancer Doctor Dies of Apparent Heart Attack

Posted by: Ty Bollinger in Experts, Videos

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    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write this memorial tribute for one of the greatest medical doctors of all time.

    The world has lost a true hero…

    Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a prominent alternative cancer doctor, died July 21, 2015 of an apparent heart attack at his home in New York City. Dr. Gonzalez was probably the world’s foremost expert on cancer, often recommended by other alternative doctors as the “go-to doctor” with the best results for supposedly “terminal” cancers such as pancreatic cancer.

    Watch the entire 1 hour UNCUT interview with Dr. Gonzalez from “The Quest for the Cures” Below:

    Dr. Nick was my friend. He loved helping people with cancer. He loved sharing his knowledge about how to treat cancer; and he loved talking about God and discussing Biblical topics as well as politics and current affairs.

    After we became friends last year, he sent me several books, including a Companion Bible. We shared the same Christian faith, the same distrust of the “mainstream media,” and the same desire to spread the truth about cancer.

    Dr. Nick could talk for hours about his vast knowledge of cancer and his life experiences. Never shy on words, and never lacking passion, he was one of the most intelligent people I’d ever met.  Dr. Nick was also one of the favorite interviewees in The Quest for The Cures docu-series last year and we had scheduled another interview with him in mid-August to be included in A Global Quest. Sadly now, this interview will not happen.

    Dr. Nick graduated from Brown University, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude with a degree in English Literature. He subsequently worked as a journalist at Time Inc. before pursuing premedical studies at Columbia University, and then later receiving his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1983.

    During a postgraduate immunology fellowship under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered by many to be the father of modern immunology, Dr. Nick completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer.

    Since 1987 he had been in private practice in New York City, treating patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses, with nutrition, enzymes, and detoxification.

    Our condolences go out to Dr. Nick’s wife, Mary Beth, his family, and his medical partner, Dr. Linda Isaacs. I am sure that Dr. Nick is hanging out with my mother and father in heaven as I write this article. So that is a ray of light in this sad story. But those of us that are left have lost a giant of a man!

    In an era where sports stars are worshipped and placed on a pedestal, oftentimes true heroes are overlooked. One such hero was Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. He saved lives. His research and methods for treating cancer have changed the world and will live on forever.

    On July 21, 2015, the world lost a true hero.

    Dr. Nick, you will be sorely missed!

    Nick Gonzalez & Ty Bollinger

I saw in the comments that 6 doctors working in alternative health have been killed recently and I found three of these with a search. If he the latest victim.

Also here is an exclusive interview with Cassandra a teenager forced to get chemo against her will.s It is similar to one I read a long time ago in the book god and vitamins about a 3 year old who they essentially killed and terrified and a few decades ago in the news Billy Best who ran away and cured himself in Canada and is still alive and wrote a book..truly horrifying what they can do to one's kid. I wonder sometimes if adults are next and will be forced to do dangerous procedures cause doctor say to. they also timed it so she may need more of their barbaric treatments a month before she turns 18 so she cannot say no. Just awful what they did to Cassandra and her family.

The interview is here


if cant get there try it here

 you will hgave to paste and copy some of these links as cannot get them to click right.


I am glad I got to hear of Dr Gonzalez and his amazing work on that video. Thank goodness for his intelligence, insight and courage RIP


Do you feel these doctor's deaths are suspicious?

  just found a discussionon this and moe of the 8 or 9 alt md drs dead now




what is your opinion on the government and Drs forcing parents and minors to get dangerous chemo on cases like this. what would you do if it was your child or you? it is very sad,


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