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Image Embedded More Bull Squat from trapper...AKA Jim Stone(r)...AKA Annus Heikkila
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Published: 5 years ago

More Bull Squat from trapper...AKA Jim Stone(r)...AKA Annus Heikkila

Jim Ston(er) disinformation. Believe nothing he says

In at least two cases James Heikkila (a.k.a. Jim Stone) has led his readers to believe he was illegally and even secretly arrested for no reason at all, unless for publishing his Fukushima report – even though others had already reported about this 3/11 event months before him.

In 2011 he wrote about how his Fuku report caused his secret arrest and jail time in Bakersfield (CA) Update: Sep 28 2011 What happened to Jim Stone?

There’s nothing secret about that arrest at all, it is publicly admitted by the Wisconsin Circuit Court that he was arrested on June 30, 2011 – PDF – in case number 2008CF000522 involving “failure to support child.”

If this arrest was ordered by any secret service or spy agency then no paper trail would be available at all, since it was “secret” and illegal. Surely the NSA and CIA have enough pawns in place to erase any such possibly existing evidence of any illegal arrest in matters of national security, which 3/11 can be classified as given the huge coverup that is surely real nonetheless.

So much for his Fukushima report being extremely dangerous to those who orchestrated 3/11.

In a second case Heikkila claimed that he was illegally arrested and put in jail in DC, allegedly for a small container of pepper spray that went off unintentionally. Luckily for him he was resistant to it (he has special powers you know, like special night vision and what not) but his wife was hit more severely than him, so he claimed.

Following the set sequence of the online message he posted back then, he implied that this arrest involved events that took place somewhere around January 2012.

“Well folks, they are at it again.” … he wrote, as he started to mix up reality with fantasy once again (the man obviously is lost in his own contrived persona, something that has already damaged and infiltrated his groundbreaking new root of truth investigative work).

He then went on to try to document how that case was a 2012 case and that his middle name – Milford – was used as his family name. For some reason he still is convinced that people don’t know his real name and, thus, tries extremely hard to make everyone believe that his identity should remain secret because he don’t want to be tracked by government agencies and assassins. Odd as that is, since I and many others can trace him pretty well, many of his readers actually believe all his private life nonsense.

Anyway, he edited out the court case number and any other references that could potentially allow other investigators to dig deeper into the Heikkila fantasy land rabbit hole.

james heikkila, jim stone, arrest

That attempt has already been rendered useless, not only by myself though, also given the fact that the above data is available online at the Maryland Judiciary website. And it shows that case 2D00270230 is from 2011.

I can’t be sure of course, but as from what it appears to be, case 2D00270230 may be about assaulting a police officer in 2011 and not about that pepper spray canister going off unintentionally in 2012. It could be of course but he’s the only one who can answer that, which he never will.

Furthermore, the ones who filed and processed that case are very well aware of his real name. His alias was printed as “HEIKKILA, JAMES MILFORD,” opening the possibility that it is James Stone Heikkila himself who may have been the one who gave up a wrong name intentionally, which is why he wouldn’t have to appear before court anyway given that the defendant’s name is incorrect. The whole situation is shrouded by mystery, he likes it, his readers like him for it and so donations keep flowing in steadily.

He’s truly a perfect conman and I can recognize his kind from miles away. I’ve met some of the best con artists in person over the years and he’s surely in their league.

Which brings me to the following.

In 2002 Jim Heikkila published his 9/11 piece, for which he was exposed and sent home crying for his mommie back then, claiming to be in-the-know of what had really happened on 9/11.

Yet, in 2005 he somehow decided to become a jew. Not to infiltrate their ranks, which would be stunning indeed. No, it was to convert to judaism. Does it make any sense to you? Probably not, I know. Still that’s what happened (according to him) and therefore his “time in the jewish community” article and narrative should be considered accordingly, based on the findings that I have published so far and will continue to publish in the future.

Heikkila can be full of shit intentionally and increasingly, on par with one of his older disinfo campaigns in which he assumed that the Bulgarian suicide bomber was in fact an Infowars news anchor. I kid you not!

So, Heikkila – like many others – must be stopped from further derailing and deconstructing the remnants of the resistance. Our success, yours and mine, depend on it!


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