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Re: will house be safe after black mold cleanup
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: will house be safe after black mold cleanup

Here is what I did to detox cure mold sickness/biotoxin illness

Before I get to that part, I believe it is best to see a medical doctor or naturopathic doctor who is an environmental specialist doctor or mold literate doctor . The reason for this is because the mold might of damaged your heart, brain, liver lungs, may have disrupted your hormones, and disrupted many vital body processes.

Many test are needed to figure out where the body it at, and how to get it back on track
The right doctor can help, to make sure that you are doing all the right things at the right times, and if your super sick a doctor that is good at detox can help you. There are things that four regular ENT doctors missed my specialist caught it I had the mold exposure sinus issue MARCONS I would never ever get welL if I did not address this

If your having neurological issues, psychiatric issues after mold exposure see Dr. Daniel Amen to get the tests and he is an expert on brain and knows how to detox from biotoxin illness/mold poisoning.

If you go to Dr. Shoemakers
website there is a lst of doctor's that are literate on mold/ biotoxin illness.

First thing, absolutely must move from the mold house. Because you cannot be attempting to removing mycotoxins from the body, but at the same time that your breathing them in every second.

When I go after something I will attack it on all fronts. So once I was diagnosed which took a long , long time .

Once I was on medication I had a slow recovery,but once some symptoms fell away I attacked on all fronts.

My doctor put on Cholestryamine and
I was on many binders, super charged activated charcoal, Cholestryamine, Peach Extract, digestable clay, Chlorella and cilantro juice.One of the most powerful and potent detoxification methods is weekly IV's this works wonders.

One of the symptoms was heat intolerance! .
The heat made me almost pass out sick, dizzy,
my heart rate would soar from the heat.I just thought I would die from the heat one day. I do not know how mold did this to my body, but it did. I know there is a scientific explanation for it.

When it was 45 degrees I wore T-shirt and jeans. And when It got cooler than that I would allow my body to get super cold and shiver I would not put on a coat or sweater
I wanted the cold to go deep into my body ...down to the bone. I would set the air conditioning to ice cold so I could shiver, so later I would be chilled for hours and this made me feel so much more comfortable it knocked down a few symptoms for a couple hours

no food they die.

I decided to do a green juice fast, for over two weeks straight no food just juice. I did the colonic and coffee enemas and dry brush massage Juice Fasting, took charcoal, zeolites, Springreen 77 clay, and cholestyramine and boswellia.

I believe the tissues were releasing toxins, stored mold/mycotoxins and heavy metals as it released the toxins would recirculate and get reabsorbed making me sick again. So! Taking a few
binding agents would of gathered up all the
toxins and carried it out of the body and taken pressure off the lymphatic drainage system
liver, kidneys lungs, heart and blood. But in this case it was recirculating, because it needed a binder to carry it out of the body/

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