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Cured...sharing my answer
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Published: 7 years ago

Cured...sharing my answer

I think it is my obligation to share to all the things I do to finally fix my BO and my bad breath which for sure many of you guys have suffered like me for years. Let me start by saying that i have tried all things but none of these got me fixed with my problems until recently.


I am a asian 50 years old living in new york working as clerk. I have bad Body Odor and fecal breath since 15 years old. It is so bad that i can fill a room with bad odor, my wife do not like sleep with me anymore. I have smoked before but stopped 5 years ago. Have asthma when i was a kid. I eat fast and does not chew (maybe one of causes). Have stomach problems LBM since young age. I have tonsil stones ( check your tonsils, it is common as you think), have nose congestion before for years but cleared after this treatment (amazing)I spent thousands in dentist, doctors, catscans, all kind of mouthwash, mints, body wash, diet, supplements etc. nothing work till now.


Went to a new doctor because my regular doctor was not in town for my highblood pressure pills. This new doctor was very friendly and we were chitchatting about my bad breath and BO and mentioned to him i was lost hope already for cure....he laughed and proceed to check me up for an hour and he wrote me the things to do to fix it. He told me he have the sames problems....he is indian and mexican decent. I followed it and guess what, it fixed my problem of BO And Bad Breath!!! There is hope.....

1. He found that I have low stomach acid, so the food are not digested properly so the gas, bacteria and sewer smell comes from gut and goes out to my mouth, lungs, breath, blood and skin. This will make baterial growth unchecked thus the rotton food in your system. He suggested for me to take 1 glass of orange juice with each meal and take 1 or 2 Betaine HCL (over the counter supplement). This will digest my food properly and clean the sewer in my stomach and kill all the bad bacteria. And guess what after 2 days my breath is like a baby ...very kissable now. My poop does not smell much, my body smells better.

2. He also ask me to drink 3 tablets of Mint Asure supplements after every meal. These also helped.

3. Buy a good washing cloth and take a bath morning and night. I bought the dollar store scrubibing plastic clothe and scrub the hell out of my years of dead skin in my armpits morning and night. Now whiter and smells good.

ADDITIONAL things I've done.
4. Clean out tonsil stones with round edge of a pimple prinker.
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
6. I learned to cut my own hair so i look sharp and clean everyday.
7. Press my clothes nicely so i look fresh and clean
8.bought a nice cologne that is mild and fits my skin YSL l'homme
9. Shave everday, pluck eyebrows etc.
10. Shave body hair from groin up using clipper Walh.
11. Use deodorant properly, i use odorfree menchum for men and i massage it 1 minute on each armpit.
12. Floss and brush teeth ever meal and scrape my tongue.
13. Do nasal irrigation
14. Do steam bath 2x a week.
15. Stopped taking multivitamin because it cause bad build up in system
16. Relax more.

Hope this will help someone out there....God Bless Us All! If you have any questions let me know.

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