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Mold Exposure Cross Contamination
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Published: 7 years ago

Mold Exposure Cross Contamination

I was exposed to apartment mold for 4 years, it was around the window sills. My wife didn't get sick at all my kids got mildy sick with some rashes, and my son seems to have a mild on and off cough. I personally went into this apt already having health problems. Gut issues and suffering from constipation due to pain killer use. We moved and got rid of everything except electronics. Certain things child hoodstuff etc... are kept in a spare back bedroom. When i go into this room i get a headache and don't feel right. So i know mold is an issue i plan of cleaning this stuff and sealing it in boxes for now.

But as far as the rest of the house all i have in it are my blu ray and game collection which i've 99.9 rubbing alcholed. I have our lcd tv which i cleaned and blew out the insides. Same goes for the PlayStation and xbox. We've bought a few things since we've moved like a new computer a new kitchen table fridge etc... How do you guys feel about items that were not bought in this mold apt?

Also my personal health is destroyed, I can't eat food I live on vivonex it's an amino acid based formula. I react to everything my body does not break down food everything comes out undigested I can't even take medication because i react to the filler in the pill. I suffer from facial puffyness all the time. I get sick going into a thrift store or a used book store. All environments make me sick.

This mold we had was really bad around the window sills but it wasn't Stachybotrys. It was Aspergillus and Penicillium we had it tested.

Has anyone heard of mold causing these kind of severe GI issues. I'm tired all the time and i just don't have a lot of energy, I take cholestyramine 2 times a day it has helped tremendously. My body feels less sensitive and i don't have dierreah anymore unless i do to much.

But basically i got rid of everything porous, and cleaned everything according to the Dr Richie Shoemaker protocol. But jesus christ I can't even go into a thrift store without feeling shitty and i also feel like crap in my car which was a thrift store machine.

Has anyone ever heard of mold causing someone to not be able to eat food? Also the doctors think my gallbladder is shot has anyone heard of a bad gallbladder doing something like this to someone.
What do I do hide from mold the rest of my life? This whole thing doesn't seem real. Especially like i said i have like hardly anything from the apt with mold expcet tv, glass tv stand, movies etc... Stuff that can be wiped down.


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