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Not necessarily physical alone
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Published: 6 years ago
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Not necessarily physical alone

As for being targeted.. I ponder more and more if its really a DNA war. I see more and more people with certain traits going down with m"mystical" illness, as CFS/ME and chronic diagnosis, often mostly Lyme + multiple infections + toxic overload etc.

The point is that most of the increasing % of these individuals seems to be often blond + /blue/green eyed pale skin people, often certain personalities like compassionate and kind etc.

Dear sir/madam, I'm sorry, but this impression is simply out of inexperience, not straightforewards observation. I have seen equal rates of illness in people of all colors and from all regions of the world. It is a lifestyle which creates the variant of illness- that lifestyle being disconnection from Yahuveh (God the father) and His spirit. Ten minutes looking at a proper sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system chart and you can see how the chronic stress of trying to live perfectly with your spirit disconnected from the power outlet of life. 

I agree there are many with the personalities of compassionate and kind who are very much chronically ill. I fit into your physical description nicely.. but I feel that the personality- the description of compassionate, kind, loving, perservering- these are qualities born out of experiencing the illness, and learning the truth- that every negative quality is a drain on their very being. 

But one example -> The sweetest woman I know who is indeed chronically ill is brown-eyed and from a family of baptists from india. She's a foot shorter than myself and is a happy grandmother, but can barely gather breath to speak more than two sentances.

 In the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels are said to have touched down on Earth at Mount Hermon also known as Ba'al Hermon. They were intent on taking human wives and reproducing with them. (Ba'al being one of the fallen angels worshipped as a god). Mt. Hermon is also the location of the highest elevation U.N. base in the world. Why would the United Nation put a base on the top of Mount Hermon?

I'd been looking for that info! Thank you for re-posting it :D

These human females happened to be Tribe of Dan of the 12 tribes.

(Text added 1 month later)(The women of Dan in the Book of Enoch are from a territory, a land, called Dan before the flood. These are the ones recorded as having had children with the Watchers, the angels who decided to try and intermingle with mankind. The children were called the Nephilim/Annunaki/Giants, and they were a serious threat to wiping out mankind. The corrupting influence of these descended angels (angels in general are called the Watchers in that book) is recorded as well- warfare, metalsmithy, herbology, writing and fashion, etc, is listed as technologies taught by the descended angels. )(End added text)

This is the most inglorious spout of nonsense I have heard yet, and I have read the book of enoch, Jasher (book of the upright/righteous) and been heavy into the subject of the nephilim plenty myself. 
 Take a look at the lifespan of Enoch here 
Bible lifespan timeline
There is the great flood separating the fallen angels of Enoch's time from mixing seed with the women of the tribe of Dan, and not to mention, over 450 years.

This would not be the first time nonsense has got me curious though, and there's been record of giants certainly since after the time when Dan migrated away from northern israel and dispersed up into the coastal regions of europe and the Danube. Their travels are not so hard to trace, the most famous example of all being the tzar-dans, 'Spar-tan's.

If you can trace the material backing up this claim of the women of Dan mixing blood with the fallen angels, I'd like to read it.
The record of scripture is spurious about the post-flood nephilim, but are clear about the details of the King of Og and the heght and nature of Goliath.

 People with fallen angel DNA in their past are the rulers, the police, the celebrities, the zionists, the rich, the judges, the elite, the masons, ect. The rest of us are the lost tribes. The fallen angel DNA people are naturally violent and oppressive and toxic. Thus why life just doesn't make sense to some people. Were stuck in the Tribe of Dan's version of the world.

This person's reasoning is all up and down the board.. I suggest he/she read the records of how far the human population had spread after Noah and get a grip on things- Dan spread very well northwards, and explored the waterways of north america and kept their identity and feeling of being a contiguous tribe, but I personally live /in the land of Dan-mark/, and they're no less chronically ill, spiritually blind, or desiring world domination than the rest of the general populus. 

Fallen Angel DNA is less of a worry to me than the spiritual state folk stumble around in- and spiritual covers the whole lot- starving like a wild dog inwardly and ready to tear at anything that moves for the sake of a tiny bit of blood, meat, glory or power, since they mistake that for the needs of the heart.

Does there need to be some special bloodline for the scripture to be true, 'There is not one righteous, no not one' about mankind?



The power pyramids and industries are indeed dominated by folk dedicated to the inner-circle games dictated by fallen spirits- but both that of men and the imprisoned, fallen malakim (spirit-kind). Many of them are taken in by the sneaky lie of circular logic, that of satan and Yahuveh being one and the same being. I've had the chance to sit in on some masonic activities thanks to my Grandfather being a bit of a bad hat in that area, only at the base level of that scheme.. But the whole business reeks of mixing bad blood and trying to conjure up foolishness again. 

And they do succeed, again and again. 


MCFS, Lyme, Multiple infections, toxic overload.. the medical industry buts blinders on, and have forgotten some of the very basics, yes. But the most important part, the spirit, the will, the heart of a man is intimately linked, and just simply the lie that there is no hope- 
Doesn't it just smack of the stench of the Father of Lies, the Lord of the Flies? 


This doesn't require that there be some physical DNA trace of the nephilim existing still among us. 
Have you heard of the string-theory level vibrations of matter below the layer of the quantum? The mathematical fabric that makes up our being, below stardust and molecules and elements and whatnot?
Jesus/Yahushuah's words 'If they were silent then the very stones would cry out!' (during the ascent to Jerusalem) rings perfectly true- even rocks have a form of sound right down at that level. 

I have suspected even Angels (spirit-kind) have their own DNA of sorts (this would likely be silly talk to you, since we know the nephilim are a matter of historical fact), but that the vibrational energy of their type of matter (only at the level of spirit) is that much different from our own that we barely percieve it, since our lifespans are spent in the flesh. 


That's why I ask Trapper about his positive experiences. There is a certain foolishness in focusing on only the dark things that occur to us, and I wish to understand more of his story, at least the story of faith. 
Is it not something the best guide to life said to us, 'If the eye is full of darkness, how great is that darkness!'?

And Phillipians 4:8 -
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.


 but it seems that some groups of people in society stays clear of the chronic infections and thrives with the chemtrails and toxins. Maybe some of that equation is inside info since birth about vaccines and immune system and certain life "hacks" so to speak. Even though I have a feeling that many of the chemtrails and junk that is spread is spesific for certain DNA.

We see it play out again and again all about us.. 
Bread and Circus?


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