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Day 1: Butt pee, Diapers, and Extreme Binge Eating (Not for the squeamish...graphic detail)
asdfgh_is_me Views: 3,403
Published: 19 years ago

Day 1: Butt pee, Diapers, and Extreme Binge Eating (Not for the squeamish...graphic detail)

Whew, been quite an interesing day.

Let's see, woke at 10:00am, and did the SWF. Not as horrible as I thought, but the gag reflexes kicked in after 2/3 of the way. Still, managed to keep it all down.

So after that I decided to visit these forums since I understood it would take 1-2 hours to kick in, but after 20 minutes I started getting cramps and needed to go URGENT. I thought I did a pretty good job of controlling myself running to the bathroom, but OMG was I wrong!!! I had a 'little accident' and I didn't even feel it! *covering face in shame now*

I was seriously worried and am considering Depends. But I guess I know what to expect now, so maybe I shouldn't worry too much? I might probably wear pads or something to be on the safe side.

I ended up on the toilet 45 minutes. I had about 8 explosions of 'but pee'...sorry for my unsubtlety. I had expected solid matter since I had eaten a LOT of junk yestersay, but it was just a lot of liquid. I guess the SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) just washed through without picking up much. I finished this session, took a shower, and needed to go again. Spent another 1/2 hour, this time it was mostly yellow water.

What the heck is that anyway?? Bile??

So anyway, started by lemonade drinks after that about 11:30 am. MAMMA MIA! I was on fire. Second glass later I got kind of used to it though. It's like drinking scotch that burns your throat. Gotta ease the flow.

Went shopping after that around's where I got in trouble. Walked past the bakery first, but while I was tempted, I was high on enthusiasm so I resisted. The deli counter and couple of fast food places later, I started to get more and more tempted. A tiramisu display really had me staring in a daze for about 10 minutes. I could practically taste it.

Before you knew it, 6pm I had hit McDonald's AND Taco Bell. Binged about 3500 calories. YIKES! I always thought I had more self control, but god, this is monsterous.

So my fast pretty much ended then and there. Oh did I mention I also polished 1/2 a box of petit fours once I got home?

So today pretty much went haywire. I'm going to restart again tomorrow (well, tonight if you count the night laxative tea). I'm going to be prepared tomorrow by carrying a pointy object with me...if I get thoughts of eating junk food, I'll just poke myself, HARD.


1) A bad start is not a disaster. It is a practice session before you go full fledged into the program.

2) Know that's there's always going to be an a$$hole behind you eating something soft creamy and delicious. That doesn't matter. Think of the time you wasted with the SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) (2-3 hours) and weigh it with the 2-3 minutes pleasure of food.

3) NEVER understimate the power of butt pee.

4) Always have reading materials on hand in the bathroom.

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