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What mercury toxicity did to me and how I fixed my health (up to this point)
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Published: 6 years ago
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What mercury toxicity did to me and how I fixed my health (up to this point)

1) repeated colds that culminated in chronic bronchitis (supposedly "incurable")

2) EBV and related things (copper toxicity and stuff)

3) recurring viral infections

4) brain fog [mostly resolved], emotional issues of various sorts

5) memory loss: forgetting words, forgetting what I was saying or doing, forgetting to keep appointments)

6) tremors in my hands (could not sign my name)

7) double vision, floaters and fireworks, progressing to blindness

8) jaundice, liver failure (complete with bleeding)

9) inability to digest ANY food; let me repeat that: UNABLE TO EAT

10) hypoglycemia, "blacking out" due to blood Sugar fluctuations

11) fibromyalgia

12) hypothyroid issues (with symptoms such as loss of hair, feeling cold all the time even while dressed like an Eskimo)

13) skin cancer (melanoma, twice)

14) adrenal fatigue/CFS

15) (juvenile) Rheumatoid Arthritis ... diagnosed when I was 14 shortly after getting my amalgams

the list goes on and on... symptoms started appearing gradually, increasing in frequency, up to a total breakdown...


1) GONE!!! MY CHRONIC BRONCHITIS WAS GONE after one year on DMSA when I was able to reach a dose of 400mg every four hrs; it took about two months like this for ALL my respiratory problems to disappear PERMANENTLY, thank God!]

2) almost completely resolved; once upon a time I do get very rare, very mild flare-ups, which disappear after a good night's sleep as opposed to two to four weeks of unbelievable suffering

3) almost completely resolved; very rare, very mild flare-ups disappear after a day or two; while everyone else is in bed with the flu, I am up and "fully operational"

4) I am able to continue chelating with ALA while, finally, being productive in a full time job without the usual pharmaceuticals, so yes, this is a miracle if you ask me

5) resolved after about 4 yrs

6) resolved after about four years

7) I regained some of my eyesight, but not completely yet... five years of chelation and counting

8) resolved gradually and completely in the course of about three years

9) gradually resolved after about six months to a year on DMSA (before starting ALA)

10) gone after switching to a _strict_ Rosedale diet after about 3yrs of chelation

11) gone after about two yrs

12) vastly improved, but not yet completely resolved

13) that was a tough one... at this point completely disillussioned, Iopted for alternative treatments

14) completely resolved after about three yrs of chelation and heavy supplementation

15) still trying to cure my Arthritis almost 30yrs later... over four years on ALA and counting...

So that's it. I would say, about 80% of my health problems were resolved. It looks like the remaining 20% of my health issues will take about 80% of the overall effort, and I could not be more grateful for the healing I had already experienced regardless. I I thank God every day for the strength to continue.

This is how the chelation worked for me in practical terms, if you are interested:

Andy Cutler's book saved my life.

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