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Klebsiella Oxytoca lesion on penis :(
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Published: 6 years ago

Klebsiella Oxytoca lesion on penis :(

Hi, I have a problem. I am 24 year old caucasian male. I have a lesion on my penis.

Past: 18 days ago a bump appeared on my penis, near foreskin.I thought it was a boil which I had before, so I kept applying Framykoin 2x1 for 5 days, it kept drying the bump.Then visited urologist, he tried to pop it but it was unpoppable, he told me to stop using framykoin and let it heal by itself. Then I tried using betadine, then warm compresses and nothing.

Symptoms: Bump hurts when I put pressure on it, and used to hurt only very slightly when idle. Bump was itching during first week as well, but only little bit.There was no visible head, it is approximately 10x7 mm big, dome shaped, when I tighten skin on penis, it becomes a visible bump, and is shiny. It is more like purple/red. But when skin is not tightened and is normal, bump appears to be red/orange. It is unpoppable and is slightly firm when squeezed (but top is soft). Also, after 2-3 days I found out lymph node was swollen near groin area and I had feverish symptoms (but that could have been due to fact that I also have been using internally for 7 days oregano oil, since the bump appeared, and oregano oil is strong natural antibiotic.

I visited dermavenerologist and she took a swab and resulsts came back positive for Klebsiella Oxytoca and gram-positive anaerobic rods.

She prescribed me:
1. V PNC 750 mg (Penicillin) , 3x1 for 10 days
2. Ciphin (cipro) 2x1 for 5 days
I am taking both at the same time, at least hour apart.
Also cream Pityol (which contains ichthammol) + Belogent (steroid cream with antiseptic effect used for various bacteria, including Klebsiella Pneumoniae).

Current progression: Bump is more irritated from Pityol and Belogent. After Pityol it turns more red and after Belogent it turns very dark. Skin around bump is raised as well.
But then again, I think that center of it has appeared and is raised on bump.

I have a question:

1. What would you advise me to do? I will finish the Antibiotic course and keep using the creams for duration of antibiotic. But what if it wont go away? How should I get rid of it?
2. K. Oxytoca is ressistant to many Antibiotics , and lesion could return. What should I do to prevent it from returing and to improve my immunity?
3. Can K. Oxytoca cause disease Ozaenae a Rhinoscleromatosis? It cant as far as I know,because they are caused by different K. species, right?
4. I wont lose my penis due to bacteria, will I?:(
5. Can I upload pictures of lesion since it is on such a sensitive area?

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