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Re: What do you do when your dad has stage 3 lung cancer?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: What do you do when your dad has stage 3 lung cancer?

ignore my other previous post including one that starts with words personally I am reposting the above as I cant fix it as getting an internal server message, here it is corrected and with links I cant get it to post it keeps saying internal server error like I am blocked or something,.

I noticed shorter things posted so I will do this is smaller sections sorry I cold not get the underline off earlier post I did or get it on there right I cant delete it messed with this for hours I will do this in pieces and see if it posts sorry for repeating some of it'

Personally I would never use homeopathy to cure something as serious as lung cancer. It contains pretty much no herb just the energy of herbs-use real herbs.

To make it they take one part herb and 99 parts water and shake it then take one drop of that and add 99 parts water and shake it again,..then they do that again taking one drop of the very diluted mix and adding 99 of part of water and they dilute and dilute many times till not a molecule of the herb remains just water and the so called energy of the plants..maybe it has one part per million of water when done..In my opinion, it is useless spend the money on things with more of a chance of healing.

Dr Schulze's incurables has healed all those things but one must do every part exactly as directed..more on it is found here

see bottom of email for links

also go to herbdocblog and on the right of the screen scroll down to there are no incurable diseases

on the left of the screen search for disease and see what he wrote on that.

My dad's lung cancer and death back before we could find things on the internet shaped my life and lead me to study alternative health for 37 years and in the early 90s I heard of Dr Schulze and watched his save your life videos and when I heard Schulze talking about the man throwing up his cancer and having it biopsied who recovered I burst into tears..My dad would have done it but it came too late for me..maybe it will not for your dad..after all you found this site so something is going right for you.

To find this would have taken me decades before the internet so you are ahead. I know someone who gave up to 8 oz of lobelia to someone with lung cancer at a time. (tom h on here lives in my city) will see if you read the lung cancer chapter (send me email address and I will send it as an attachment) and watch it on his films that this was a key herb he used be sure it is organic or wildcrafted same with all herbs as those contain 7 to 10 times the phytochemicals that cure and prevent disease also drink all juices with no food or pulp on empty stomach within 20 minutes so it goes to healing and repair and not to digestion and lest enzymes dissipate make fresh each time don't refrigerate.

As far as getting him to do what he need to, Schulze and his teacher Dr Christopher themselves had family members who would not do any of it and thought them nuts..his advice was to not waste time with people who are angry and wont do it and do everything but when it is your loved one that is near impossible to do. I had a mom like super angry when I suggested anything yet complained nonstop.  

I tried and tried going so far as to buy her the tinctures she never took and cut up veggies and put in bag so all she had to do was push the pusher on the all rotted..she bulked and made faces like a 2 year old when she drank a cup of carrot apple yet would let them do the most ungodly things to her..over and over the doctors seriously screwed her up with errors yet she listened to them. I was able to fix things doctors gave up on or made her worst and on recovery all she could say was must have been something the doctors said.

then I stopped 2 heart attacks and they started thinking maybe I wasn't so dumb..on the week before she died, she called me screaming into the phone omg omg I cant believe it. I took those two tinctures you left and for the first time in 2 years of 2 times a week dialysis, I am not sick at all after treatment..that had never happened she also was deathly ill and could not get out of bed for 36 hours. This time was was fine and that together with the hear attacks and other things I cured, she finally decided to do the incurables program..the money feel in our laps. I was going to go there and do it with her 30 days and train my two adult brother living there at the time when she had her 9th dialysis cause heart one gave her the easy to use things I had left with her (I tell the story of her heart attack here)


see link at bottom

None called m for 5 hours..they took her to the hospital and finally I was called. finally the nurses and other 12 relatives there left the room at the same time,. I begged her to take the cayenne that stopped her heart attacks before and she did..prior to that she was writhing in pain begging the nurses to let her die..she wanted to die we alter found out at the funeral from a priest.

Her heart attack instantly stopped and her blood pressure was dangerously low in the 30s and it went to normal..we all witnessed it though I told noone what I did for fear of being thrown out.

then we heard the nurses paged by her doctor and then all treatment was stopped and they sent her to the palliative unit even though she was then normal..they knew she would die as they had refused to give her pain pills and that is why she never went to the ER with a heart attack..they told me she would die that night..they ceased any help or check or anything and the drug they gave her killed her..we later found out my sister who often said my mom should die as she had "no quality of life" had been to the doctor with her on multiple occasions telling him he needed to help my mom die and she had also gotten a living will due to Terri Schivo.. the hospital killed her, told my grown sons to make me stop being "mean to her" because i wanted her to live and they changed hospital records that all 12 of us witnessed of her blood pressure going to normal and her heart attack stopping in order to justify killing her. They got away with killing her..what could I do?

I was devastated and wailed the loudest and longest as I had never come to terms with her dying as I knew she could live if she would just try...being so close to her finally after 15 years of trying to take these things, only to have noone call when she had heart attack or give her the cayenne I had left with directions and have the hospital kill her after she had stopped going.,.I had begged her to take another dose but she got angry and refused after all had left and I stayed the night, "don't do this to me Jane" she said..she wanted to die after all those heart attacks and horrid procedures they had put her through.

My mom was so strong and I rarely saw her cry even though she suffered one problem in life after another but 2 years on dialysis reduced her to a sobbing mess longing with every breathe to die to escape the hell of kidney disease and heart attacks they caused..she had no heart disease prior but dialysis raises risks 30 times...she had a horrid diet made worst by dialysis which allowed only 2 cups of water or liquid a day and white bread and few veggies or fiber etc. Who would not decline on a diet they force you on to male their job easier..she ran everything I said through the doctor who of course said don't do it.

Was I angry yes..but I also see she had to do what she wanted and I couldn't change that no matter how good my programs or love. all I could do was share what i learned over 25 years trying to work with her to help others in her shoes and so others can benefit others which I did here in my long thread

see below

I also wish medical marijuana was allowed her for my cancer and also would be affordable for CBD oil.

I think he needs to be on a minimum of 6 or more glasses of fresh juice a day.

The real truth is there is little you can do if someone is like mom was also very mean to me..angry. mood. bad mood on one of her rare apologies she said she could not help it as she felt so terrible all the time she apparently took it out of me as I was so insistent and the only one trying to help her heal instead of just whatever it was she wanted. I was her scapegoat but still it was my mom and I had to try but yes I had a different reaction with her death than any other relatives..I felt anger more than grief and I still fact, sometimes I even hate her to be honest and this may have contributed to me getting cancer.

But I d not think I would have done it differently except for trying more to not get upset and take it all personally if nothing else for myself as hate and anger and helplessness kills...we cannot help others if they do not want help..we really can only change ourselves and that is super hard in itself.

When it is a parent or someone very close, we can't help but research and try to convince them but some people just wont help in their healing..either they do not believe, they are stubborn. they trust only doctors. they are not used to taking responsibility for their own health, they want to die secretly or they just think diet and alterative things are useless or too hard..My mom once admitted that  she liked her junk food too much to do what I said.

As the other poster said you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them is hard when you believe they can get better if they change..I had a cousin get diagnosed with cancer around the time I was,..she went so far as not letting me know if her biopsy was cancer or not and asked another cousin not to tell me..the day before I was to meet them at a restaurant i found out she deliberately did not tell me as she was afraid I might try to talk her out of chemo and radiation..I would have went not knowing she had had chemo and stuff had I not been told of her cancer etc. she did wear a scarf but I still might not have known..

I have sent her links to videos like the quest for the cure and she has not watched or replied..same thing with an aunt whose daughter my cousin got cancer earlier..I sent her YouTube video link and told her how good they were and she replied her daughter (whose cancer was some time ago) had other things on her plate and she an aunt did not have wireless and could not watch YouTube videos although now I have the means to send them the videos free for their viewing and documents I decided it is not worth it. They made their choices and I am learning not to push anything on people who did not want the info as there are plenty of people who do want it and are free thinkers.

Although I tried in the past to wake people up it never worked although I made a little headway with a brother who tried my stuff which always works. still he has a bad diet though later I am getting him eating and liking some vegan meals on occasion. I tae him with me to health films but the bad diets were grew up on are hard to get away from.  I did but not he and some of the others. generally though a death sentence will wake some people up but not all of them.

One is forced to learn to understand some people are just going to be who they are no matter what..your dad may be one of them. I suggest letting him watch the save your life videos and the quest for the cure himself to see if any of it can help reach him.


go to a torrent site and download forks over knives and have him watch it and fat sick an nearly dead

 I suggest trying a behavior modification chart like one does with kids. Put on a chart all the things he should be doing (and I think not doing the homeopathic and spending the money on things with better chance of working)and how many times a day and have him check them after he does them put a sticker on them if he does 9 of 0 things and that means he gets a daily reward.


make the reward something he really wants whether an object, time with a relative, going someplace or whatever he wants enough to work for...if he gets a sticker on say 5 or 6 of 7 days then he gets a much bigger treat or reward..use praise and positive comments more than nagging and negative things. I think this may work nor only for kids but anyone..maybe even if he wants a bad food he is deprived of bad enough let him use that s his reward once a week better eating good for 20 meals and one bad one than nagging and fighting and wrestling with him..he has to ant to do it more than you.  Schulze said unless the person themselves wanted it and not just their loved ones,. they never got well when they wanted it more than anything, those people always got well.


with me my dad would have done it as he tried all the things I found out before internet but it was not enough though he did feel pretty good so that was had him but not the knowledge..with my mom I finally has the answers but she would not do it...another fail but I tried my all both times, I have it and don't have the money but I still keep trying as I know it offers me the best odds of healing. it seems it is always something but do the best you can and I am sorry this has befallen your family.. can your mom influence him more. I am sure she knows what rewards he might work for and how to deal with his surliness. If she is onboard, talk to her about the behavior modification rewards program..don't tell dad that is what it is..say you want to make it easier to remember and offer a little incentive program to help him.


Had to post the links at bottom to see if it would correct everything being underlined incorrectly heart attack post long kidney disease post that sprang form my research on my mom

you will have to paste and copy these qas the clickable links did not post

I had to put the links at the bottom as the post was all underlined it was the only way to correct it sorry for all the confusion and reposts.


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