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Leaf-like Parasite????????
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Published: 8 years ago

Leaf-like Parasite????????

Ok so I just started this crazy trip, parasite cleanse. Hopefully good people could help in answering my questions. Started the parasite and Candida cleanse two months ago. However this month I started doing the enemas. I started out with the typical, blackwalnut, cloves and wormwood, alternating with other herbal supplements. May I mention, Olive Leave didn't work for me in the least bit. I started treating myself due to facial dermatitis, it was really bad, to the point that it liked like the skin of a ninety yr old. I did not want to leave the house. I believe more than likely it was a fungus infection cause after using Fungi Cure, my face healed up to 80 percent. I must've gotten out I'd say about 35percent of parasites wo ems out with the enemas. And I mention that ballpark range cause really who knows when you're 100 percent done with a cleanse especially after one month. Anyway, I've seen ropeworms, a nest of roundworms, hookworms and eggs. This was with the help of ACV and garlic enemas. Diamotemaceous Earth enemas are good also. I also got alot of Candida out ad well. So now I've started taking MSM, Elencampne, Colloidial Silver,Turmeric and Oil of Oregano. Now the O/O gives me really bad die off symptoms. On the first day, heart palpitations along with bad headaches and difficulty breathing. I also started doing coconut oil in my eyes cause the iris to my eyes are now discolored and looks dislodged and the white part of my eyes are wit yellow specks. Although they are not dull but brighter compared to before starting this cleanse, what's going on with my eyes are starting to worry me a bit. I read somewhere that when there's a parasite infection, your eyes are a dead giveaway. In my case I think it's worms probaboy in my eyes. I also started taking this Xylitol nasal spray to kill any sinus parasites. Like before I even knew about parasites, about a yr ago my sinus cavity expanded and it looks Like my nose grew wider/the upper part. When face grew bad, Id get massive sinus headaches to the point where I was immobilized to the bed. After starting the parasite cleanse, no sinus headaches. Yet now with the newly added herbal supplements along with the nasal spray, I am suffering from sinus pressure but thank God it's manageable. It may be part of the die off. Three days ago, I started the Hydrogen Peroxide enemas. Very hard to retain. lucky if I make it to five minutes. That's starting with two teaspoons. Worms and Candida do come out but so wish I can retain the enema for the usual fifteen. So this morning, I tried it for one reason of hydro and lasted for five mins. Stuff came out but not much. Had bm after with Candida. Went outside and couldn't make it to the corner with the urge to urinate in the worst way. Peed a waterfall in a restroom. Rushed back home to urinate an ocean. This is the worst. Since starting the cleanse, I can't hold my urine but now it's ten times worse. I'm thinking a bladder/urinary tract infection; for i did suffer from this in the past. However when I went to urinate I also had a BM. In the BM, I saw a nest of leaves. It looked like dark leaves, like grayish. I have not eaten any leaves nor anything resembling. And seeing what I expelled in my 'throne' freaked me out. Cause this time the worms ere as clear as day, and I never seen anything like them. I tried looking for them online, yet the info are limited. Can someone please, please tell me what are these leaf shaped parasites??? This parasite cleanse journey is certainly an eye opener and it's like stepping back in time. From the infection, I gained 40 lbs and lost it all the first two wks of this cleanse. Always suffered from a bloated belly that no amount of exercise remedied. Now, it's going down. My face is getting better and so are the wrinkles. My grey is worrying me, cause I read that that means your body is not getting the much needed nutrients so that and my under eye dark circles are worrisome. The dark circles are fading. I used to suffer from brain fog and being tired to the bones and now, energy. feels good. I am suffering now from hairloss but no more blurred vision...gotta love it! I took one oil of oregano before going to bed last night, along with colloidal silver, wormwood, blackwalnut and cloves. And woke woke up with anxiety and irritable. I think my adrenal gland is shot. Last night, I sweated hard but no wretched underarm odor that i wake up on most morning since starting this cleanse. However I also noticed I am getting vaginal thrush of yeast skin mound, right along pubic hair (my apologies for being explicit) I had this before when I took Bikram Yoga but went away after treating it as yeast infection. I'm not doing Bikram Yoga for the time being but still got this. I plan to do a coffee enema once I get the hydro enema down to a tee. For me, it's effective but wish I could retain it longer. After the parasite cleanse,I'd say in two months time, I plan to do a liver, kidney and whatever else I can flush and cleanse in the order. My apologies for the lengthy post. But I'm at wits end and I'm trying to provide as much info possible for any knowledgeable advise anyone can provide. Many thanks.

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