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Re: why herbs, or meds alone don't work
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: why herbs, or meds alone don't work

Hi Xelaetaks,

I agree, we are susceptible to infection, even when we are supposedly healthy, and we may not have had the information or knowledge given at the time, on how to take preventative measures for this kind of thing. Most people and the earliest settlers on planet earth ate a raw plant based diet, from what I have heard. People are more easily susceptible from parasites if they eat meat, especially pork, pork is the absolute worst! If you cook pork, the parasites donít even die. I read that a pig is a hybrid of a demon/animal, and itís the most unnatural food on the planet, and even in kosher diets, no one eats pork.

However as much as Hulda is crazy OCD, she was brilliant. I was very relaxed about washing my vegetables, now i use a few drops of h202 in a bowl of water and let them soak for a couple of minutes, whereas before I only rinsed them. Because even parasites are on the vegetable and fruits we eat.

When you say itís an on going thing for people not being able to get rid of parasites, itís because people are not seeing the value of holistically implementing all, if not every strategy there is to improve oneís overall condition. Itís clear people are relying on medication alone, or a bottle of herbs alone, because of the way it is referenced.

Your body is oxygen deficient, anyone with a parasitic condition, needs to oxygenate their bodies. h202 is the fastest way to recovery. Your immune system is down, boost your immune system.

and you canít leave out the diet. I have gradually eliminated all meat, dairy, and sugar, and carbs from my diet. I had attachments to even healthy foods, that was causing me to keep the deterioration steady.

Sometimes a serious cleanse is crucial, and when taking natural therapeutic herbs and health strategies, food is of utmost important. some people could never give up certain foods, and theyíll clearly probably never get rid of the parasites either. this is why Huldaís claims that you can eat whatever you want was a mistake. You cannot eat whatever in the hell you want, even if its the healthiest food, itís not healthy for certain conditions even if you have parasites.

Also garlic, 4 cloves a day at least. For weeks I wasnít giving garlic a chance. Then I took 4 cloves, and had a BM, and a big worm died.

I have successfully avoided feeding the bugs by eating these foods and this is what I eat:
Pomegranate and cranberry juice
Aloe vera, fresh leaf blended in water
pumpkin seeds 1/2 c- 1 c a day
onion soup, with coconut oil
large salads with flax or olive oil
steamed or raw vegetables
grated carrot
freshly prepared juices: celery, cucumber, carrot, green apple, cranberry, greens, etc.
coconut milk
chia seed mixed with water
flax seed

Iím working on a more interesting diet, before I didnít have an energy to care about preparing food, so this was the basic foods that I ate. I recently have tried umeboshi plum paste. You can put it on veggies, in soups, etc. I started dipping pumpkin seeds in it, itís reputable on the macrobiotic diet. the umeboshi kills parasites.

If you can go raw, you would be supporting your life and creating an oxygenated system. cooked food does not have the healing, therapeutic power like raw foods, never.

this is the h2o2 product I use. I take 25 drops 1-2xís day. Itís a living nightmare because it personally makes me painfully nauseous I have to stop my life for like an hour everytime i take it, sometimes i can barely drink it, I have to force myself. itís because my body is killing the bacteria and parasites, itís the die off. Itís not for everyone, if you donít want to have bugs living in you for a long time, this is one effective solution to accelerate your recovery.

More suggestions what I am taking to help:

herbs, herbal teas and supplements of all kinds
Black-Walnut , Wormwood , and clove: take the high para dose
hot baths to sweat out the toxins with salt, baking soda, essential oils, apple cider vinegar
walking and getting fresh air and sunshine
resting, a lot
frequencies, play frequencies
a sense of enjoyment, being in the now, and feeling positive
medicinal mushrooms
fresh aloe leaves blended with water
skin brushing
raw food
deep breathing exercises
h202 enemas, or various other kinds of enemas several every week
water or herbal tea stay hydrated

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