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Success, Good info
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Published: 6 years ago

Success, Good info

Hello my fellow odorous people! A while ago I posted about some of the extreme diet changes and shower products I was using to fight Body Odor . These days I can happily say that I am odor free. Well, that’s not entirely true: I guess you could say I’ve gone from a human shit to just your average sweaty man. In other words, I’ve finally made my odor socially acceptable again. I feel the best I have in years, and since I know what its like to have your day-to-day life and confidence ripped to shreds by this damn condition, I want to continue checking up regularly on this site and helping in any way I can. Sorry, I just have to mention it again, I am so happy! The world looks bright and joyous again. Its better than a thousand hits of ecstasy! I feel like nothing can stop me now. And I’m sure once you’ve been through the hell we have, and fight your way through it… few things are going to get to you! Your confidence will skyrocket.

Anyway, in my years of studying this condition and brainstorming with other people who are similarly afflicted, I’ve discovered a few important things I want to share. The first, that although there is an abundance of valuable information on websites like this, there are some common beliefs that just don’t add up… I understand that details change case by case, and that what works for some may not work for others, but certain ideas have been promoted amongst us sufferers that I feel are detrimental to our advancement.

- You do not have TMAU – (This is a big one, TMAU is the go to “stink disease” for anyone who isn’t too well informed on this subject. Many people self-diagnose TMAU and some send urine samples to test labs to confirm their suspicions. While TMAU is a…. umm…. possibility, it is so ridiculously rare, that you almost surely do not have it. I cannot emphasize this enough; TMAU is literally one of the rarest diseases around. If however, you can confirm 100% that you have TMAU, then thank the heavens that you’ve found your answer and it turned out to be a very manageable condition. Yes, TMAU is manageable, and only tends to cause extreme odors in people who don’t take countermeasures against it. If you’ve sent a sample to a lab and they confirmed TMAU, keep in mind that the results aren’t very reliable, as they can be skewed by a whole mess of things ranging for what you had for dinner the night before to how much water you’ve been drinking, to what vitamins you’ve been taking. If you have confirmed TMAU type 2, you also have something to be happy for because TMAU 2 is not only manageable but down right curable. It is mostly caused by intestinal dysbiosis which most of us who have stomach and digestive symptoms probably have already. So, if this is the case, you can disregard the TMAU part of it and focus on developing a healthy gut flora. To recap, you probably do not have TMAU, the .01% of you who are reading this and do have TMAU already know what you need to do. I know it takes a lot of willpower to follow a strict diet without cheating, but what’s more important, getting a fix of beef/dairy or being happy with your life?

- Fruits aren’t always good – (This is a sensitive topic, as fruits are regarded to be great, healthy foods. However, its just too much damn sugar!! This isn’t a problem for all the normies out there living in an ignorant bliss, but for us, they can do more harm than good. Sugars are food for a bunch of different unwanted microorganisms, and may very well be the reason that a lot of us aren’t getting better. Of course they can also feed the good bacteria that you want to repopulate your intestines with, but if you already have an abundance of bad bacteria, they’re the ones who will be feasting while the good guys will be struggling to scrap up a few left-overs. So, fruits are a privilege of those whose intestines are balanced. What about all the antioxidants and minerals your body needs? They can be found in vegetables. 100% of the time, your body will not ask for something that is only found in fruit, any fruit. You will never need to feed your body a mango “right this instant!” No doctor is going to break the news to you that your strawberry blood levels are low. And although an apple a day may indeed keep the doctor away, the lack thereof will not send you running to the nearest ER. What I’m trying to say is that any benefit you can find from fruits, you can find in vegetables, certain spices, herbs, and seeds – without the Sugar that makes fruits so delicious but so detrimental to our condition. Not to mention that fructose intolerance is highly underrated both in general society and our community, and may well be the cause of Body Odor .

- Will power – If you are following a diet but cheat every once in a while, don’t be shocked at your lack of improvement. People trying to lose weight can afford to cheat now and then, but when its gotten to the point where you stink and your body is overwhelmed with waste its trying to get rid of, cheating is the last thing you want to do. That one steak with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy that you indulge in after a week of strict dieting can undo a lot of your hard work. Until you stop cheating, it doesn’t matter what your eating… (in your diet).

A few more tips

- Do not buy any special products beside vitamins or things you can’t make yourself. Instead of spending money on that oregano oil for example, buy oregano and make your own products. Never buy any fancy pancy miracle cures and even chlorophyll isn’t worth it. You want chlorophyll? Eat some leafy greens. Apart from saving money, things in their natural form tend to be a lot more efficient.

- Never pay anyone for guidance. This downright pisses me off, people who go on this site or others and promote a cure in exchange for money. These folks will bless you with all the answers for just 20 bucks a week until you get better or something like that. These people are f***ing leeches and deserve to not make any money at all so they are forced to go out and get real jobs instead of living off the sorrow and pain of other people. Anyway, please do not give these people your money, or the folks selling sham products.

- Smells – Our smells can range from poop to vinegar to mayo to cabbage to dirty feet to just armpit odor to stale scalp odor to a whole mess of other things. If you smell like poop there is something wrong with your digestive system, no doubt about it. I mean, if your smell is obviously fecal (FBO) then that is the only answer. Some people with FBO focus on their skin, and sadly they don’t get better. Your skin will never ever ever ever be the source of a fecal Body Odor . If your skin smells like poop it’s the waste that is coming out through your sweat and that maybe even clogs the pores under the skin. You can wash yourself all day, but unless you peel a few layers of your skin off, you will never touch the grime. The only way to get rid of it is to excrete it and replace it. You do this by sweating every day and following a strict diet. Keep in mind that this isn’t actual poop, but the toxins, substances, and even microorganisms that are associated with it… so in a way it is poop, haha. But there’s not literally small particles of shit hanging out under your skin, just the components that give it its odorous qualities.

If your odor is only subtly poop-like and becomes just “stale” or “milk” at times with a hint of fish… you’re greasy. This means that your sebum and sweat are too concentrated. The difference between this and FBO is that FBO is the presence of a digestive problems that prevents you from processing and excreting waste correctly (Also, anybody suffering from FBO should make sure that the source isn’t a problem in the rear, like a sphincter problem/mild incontinence/prolapse, etc.) while a staley very mild fish and poop like odor normally jus means you’ve been eating the wrong foods in abundance. Your body is doing a proper job of excreting waste, but since you put in a large concentration of oil/fat/greasy foods/ a large concentration of oil, fat, and grease will come out in your sweat (then it gets rancid on your skin). So FBO is when your body is crying out for help because it can’t properly handle the food/waste and nasties are building up – the other is when your body is happily processing what you’re giving it. You may be asking, “If its just a matter of thick sweat and sebum, why haven’t I gotten better yet?” Well, if you’re “greasy” to the point where your odor is a social problem, you’re going to have to cut out all meats, all dairy, all fruits, and any other fatty oily sugary foods for about two weeks before you get better. When was the last time you went two weeks without any of these? Also, drink a lot of water to dilute your body fluids and try to sweat as much as possible to start thinning it out. Please don’t starve yourself for two weeks though, eat leafy greens, chia seeds --- they are complete proteins. Seeds are oily but it’s the good kind, animal fats/oils and processed plant based oils like vegetable oil and even olive oil is what you need to cut. Coconut water is also a great source of good oil and it fights bacteria and fungus. Its best not to eat the coconut flesh itself, just drink the water --- and raw veggies (avoid carrots and potatoes until you see definite improvement) and things like that. Also, you can take some multivitamins. But know that many people report that they get hungry when taking vitamin supplements, so watch out for this and stick to your diet regardless.

Funky odors – These are the ones that are normally caused by bacteria on the skin. The funky, feet-like odors. Skin flora also tends to be connected to diet and digestion, and if you’re “greasy” you’re serving up a buffet for skin bacteria every day. So, bad skin flora is connected to both FBO and greasy sweat. This is why I think one person can report identifying a wide range of smells on themselves. If your funky bacteria odor is unassociated with the aforementioned, you have a skin infection that will also require a few weeks (maybe more) of using the proper medicated soap or cream to see improvement. Try to identify what your infection most likely is and research the proper medication. For example, Benzoyl peroxide will work wonders for certain bacteria ( Acne and pore based organisms) but does little for fungus; antifungal agents (clotrimazole, tolnaftate, etc) will have the opposite qualities.

See a therapist – This has nothing to do with people denying you have BO and encouraging you to see a psychologist or psychiatrist… as I’m aware happens to some of us. That is condescending, shallow, and just annoying… No, you should go see a therapist because you’re going through an incredibly difficult experience. Essentially, we all suffer from two conditions: the odor, and the Depression it brings when we are chastised and put on blast whenever we go out. We all suffer from social anxiety because of this odor, we let it consume our thoughts and we dread having to go nearly anywhere. Believe me I know the feeling of wanting to curl up into a ball and cry, wishing for death. This isn’t good for any of us, and talking about it with someone who knows emotions can only be helpful. If you’re concerned about smelling during your session… just think about the fact that you’re going there to talk specifically about that. Gonna stink up the whole room? More power to ya. If the therapist experiences first hand what you’re talking about then he will surely want to help you. Only a complete a**hole would not empathize with your situation. The best kind of psychologists are the ones who will say something like “I’m not here to tell you whether you smell or not or how to fix it, what I can help you with is regaining a positive outlook on life, building confidence, and making the best of your situation.”

I was the last person you would see going to a psychologist, but once I decided “enough is enough I choose happiness,” I made an appointment and have been making weekly visits since. I saw the difference in my mood very quickly. This is also important because stress affects our immune system, hormones, and thus our body odor. Of course, it is by no means the source, but its good to address that small variable.

Smoking – Please folks, quit smoking if you’re a smoker. Smoking and body odor go hand-in-hand. If you smoke bud and don’t see yourself managing to quit, try to only smoke wax (concentrates, BHO), because the dry plant is a breeding ground for funguses and bacteria that you puff into your lungs and throat. Wax has less bacteria and produces less carcinogens. Preferably, quit all forms of smoking. Really think about your priorities. The same goes for drinking. Alcohol promotes intestinal dysbiosis.

Well, that’s all for now folks. If you want to contact me just send me a PM and I’ll get back to you. The next time I post I’ll post a number where you can text me (one of those free texting apps). Hope you all have a great day/night

PS I have a lot more info I'll be writing about in the future

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