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why herbs, or meds alone don't work
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Published: 8 years ago

why herbs, or meds alone don't work

I visit curezone, to achieve some more knowledge, and while I do appreciate what everyone has to say, it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

I am also here to learn more about different remedies and healing modalities. In fact, I am actually quite alarmed that there is so much discussion of pharmaceutical meds, when this is an alternative med site. it seems like there's also an unconscious negative battle between natural and synthetic remedies, and it's quite discouraging. synthetic meds, are created chemically and synthetically, if this is what you need to feel safe, and have less fear, than go for it. you don't have to keep repeating to everyone though that natural remedies don't work either, bc it's a bunch of bs, natural cures do work, and they are the only ones that work over time, unlike meds that treat with no holistic value. yet, no if you take a bottle of herbs and say yeah that's my trick, it's not going to get anyone anywhere either.

Personally speaking, if you are on meds, you wouldn't be on curezone if they were working, why keep up with something that doesn't work? Herbs do in fact work, its a matter of taking more of the amount you think you may need, along with a host of other natural treatments. this might make people irritated or annoyed, however watch your reaction, see how you are making your illness worse by this tension between what you feel you should or shouldn't be taking, it's a fight within.

there are many reasons why people get parasites, and with that there needs to be a variety treatments to cure the disease.

It's getting blatantly obvious that there's an underlying reason why, herbs alone, or meds alone won't work.

To achieve 100% parasite free system we have to change our lifestyle, you have to literally change your life. Your eating habits, the negative thinking, the emotional mood swings, your environment if toxic, you have to literally feel the spirit of love in your heart.

there's a type of consciousness that is affecting us and keeping these demonic critters alive, and the parasites don't want us to attain this healthy and new awareness. its a violent form of harassment, to be held hostage within our own body by bugs! the only way out of this is to listen to our heart, and use an entirely holistic way of treatment.

I know this sounds like too difficult and too hard, but seriously there's no other approach that could cut peoples too long battles. with constant self awareness, vs. thinking that one drug or pill is going to erase all problems. This techno world of instant culture, is never going to be the way, ever.

Hulda Clark , was brilliant with her products, however she may have made a disservice in some way with saying that you can take the beginners dose, or you can take these herbs and they are all dead. Her diet is also not at all aligned to support any type of infection. everyone has hangups, and she had an attachment to certain foods, that weren't necessarily healthy. she promoted her herbs to make them feel they could co-exist with the foods that she was eating, when the diet was not able co-exhist as a cleansing treatment, to support the herbs. you take everything and you listen your heart first, don't ever have to listen to one person's treatment, and thinks it's going to be perfect for you, everyone is unique.

You can't not change your diet, the parasites can re-manifest if you continue to flood your bodies with carbs and Sugar foods, or unhealthy emotions. It's literally about introducing a new way of life, on every level, of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

I've put together a treatment program, it's working for me, and I would say give a few a try, and integrate these into a daily routine, every bit counts a long the way. it takes a commitment
of being healthy.

bottom line: you can't get rid of parasites with a bottle of herbs or meds, it clearly will never work. changing your diet, changing your stress levels, changing most every toxic thing in your life, including people, is what can make these bugs to die, forever.

it's a vicious cycle because these bugs actually create toxic emotions alone, well this is where we have to observe whats happening instead of being immersed and overtaken by the pain, or the fear, or anything that disrupts spirit etc.

there are so many different alternative treatments, and they are all important to try, not only one or two, you have to keep the creative energy alive, and be assertive with your mental emotional, physical, spiritual health.

Overall I say also that there is a spiritual life that connects everyone to this earth, if we are disconnected, we may lose our health to disease. we are all connected, so that means everyone kind of needs to change, in some way.

no one on this earth is not suffering, everyone has some kind of disease, and there is no one cure either.

If this brought up any emotions and you feel like attacking me, please do not, because all it's going to do is hurt you and feed your parasites. unless you have suppressed emotions that you feel you need to address, I would gladly listen with an open heart.

You can achieve miracles, if you do the work needed, and it's not easy, it is a challenge, something that everyone needs to be aware of, it's the ego that's the most destructive, and its not of this world, the ego is the demon.

For every problem, there is a solution, and you must lift yourself out of the same consciousness from where the disease had originated, that is the way for 100% recovery, and 100% health.


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