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Re: Thanks!! A few more questions??
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Thanks!! A few more questions??

~I wouldnt not take either of those things because they really wont have much of a difference. The immune system needs selenium, vitamin d(crucial), iodine(candida fighter),zinc(immune mineral),b6(or p5p) and glutathione. To make glutathione in your body you take glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine. Without glutathione your immune system wont work at all. Taking these minerals and amino acids will reflect a immediate immune response and will lower your candida. It took me years of illness to figure this out. Biofilms are made from minerals and saccharides but there isnt a way to stop bio film formation until to restore your immune system. Eating beta-glucan, glucose and other carbon saccharides will make candida spit out more toxins. I would definitely avoid eating direct fungus like mushrooms too. If your candida case is severe, eating carrots isnt a good idea since its high in glucose. If you already had a hair mineral analysis you can probably see your mineral ratio/toxic metal ratio isnt good most likely ... If you want to get back to health you will have to fix that issue.

~You talk of burning symptoms which come from neurotoxins being excreted by candida,metals, and pathogens.I have this issue too..... these toxins cause a multitude of symptoms ; burning sensations,easy bruising, thickening of your blood, crawling sensations, electrical sensations and muscle aches are all part of the illness. It is very hard to distinguish which pathogen is causing symptoms since neurtoxins from bacteria, candida and metals all feel the same. Taking minerals to replete the body such as zinc/selenium will cause burning sensations due to toxic metals being removed/moved around in the body(good minerals remove metals from binding sites). And also taking antiparasitic herbs will also cause burning sensations due to die off and pathogens in the gut. Pathogens releases more neurotoxins when they die. Keep in mind pathogens will regrow back if you havent restored the immune system. Garlic is high is sulfur and sulfur is used by candida. Since we must have sulfur because of our detox system, try to limit garlic to 3-4 cloves. Gas from sulfur foods is caused by good/bad bacteria fermenting the saccharides from the garlic.

~Chlorella is one of the best supplements to take for restoring gut health, reactivating the gut immune system, cleaning debris/candida from gut, removing heavy metals out of the gut, provides Iodine and cysteine and also removes those burning sensation you feel by soaking up the toxins floating around in the body. When I cleansse with chlorella I use 10-30 grams a day and use 3-5 grams for general use. I would buy the bulk powder when using chlorella because tablets are very expensive.

People that have chronic illness(like me) have heavy metals problems. Lyme, candida(dysbiosis), autism, or any other chronic issues HAVE to detox heavy metals to restore their immune system and to remove dysbiosis. If your doctor hasnt given you a plan to clean metals out, then you should discuss this with the doctor or find a doctor that can help you. You will probably end up needing chelating agents to remove the metals because in truth, thats the only effective way to remove them. Im currently sick myself and going through a metal detox using the andy cutler method.
Here is a example of mineral/toxic metal imbalance. Thanks to "joegrane" from curezone I was able to get good examples like this;


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