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Re: How can I know whether itís a die-off symptom or not?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How can I know whether itís a die-off symptom or not?

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Overgrowth happens... But there is a lot that can be done about it. The simplest is probably the best- train yourself in the pattern of fasting, and you will find a bit of peace in the days you rest from the side effects of eating, since a few hours after a meal is when Candida side effects get strongest. Some folks like the 5/2 fasting pattern, others go more advanced and learn about dry fasting. (Most healing, best researched and practiced by a Russian doctor, Filinova).
It's very well documented on

1) I have never tried nystatin, so cannot really say. It is best to test out small doses of what you have, a few days off each, to see what your reactions are.

2) take great care of what area your seaweed is grown in, especially after fukushima. Track down growing fields, etc, but by all means, yes :)
Cook rice so it becomes retrograde resistant starch: add coconut oil to the boiling water so it soaks into the grains, then let it cool, and eat. Small portions since it is a grain, but resistant starch food will help feed good gut flora and encourage your butyrate production.

3) the coconut water is OK, green smoothies / fresh juice is still best after sauna treatment and workouts. You must go for balance, not killing all the Candida. It is a desire to keep it from developing into the hyphal (fungal stage) that will heal, not a zeal to eradicate.

If you suffer from oral thrush, vaginal yeast infections, etc, the place to go is mule team borax, mixed into water for a very dilute drink, or an empty capsule from your supplements, for a depot tablet below. Boron helps the body keep magnesium and calcium in, but too much makes you pee like a horse. Google again

Butyric acid is very, VERY good against overgrowth and much gentler on the body. Both Butyrate and boron help strongly to stop Candida overgrowth when used with patient and regular use.

Magnesium needs to be either transdermal, or taken in a supplementation that cannot be stolen by biofilms. Magnesium can make thrush worse because they love it... It is inorganic fertilizer to them! The body adores it too~
I use Douglas labs magnesium taurate, 1 tablet a day, our when I feel a bit migraney. When my skin feels loose and dehydrated, then it is transdermal magnesium.

Iron supplements do not really help anemia that much, it is B-vitamins and zinc, selenium, magnesium, and detox support such as green leafy vegetables that help up red blood cell production.

Liver gets overloaded during detox, the rebuilding periods are more important than the treatment Periods :)
You know you are doing things right when you don't have fats, burps or feeling bad and out of energy after eating ;)

I love Paulo d' Arco tea!

Pattern to follow:
Little bit of enzymes with water when walking up
Enzymes with food at breakfast (best meats and soft cheeses like gorgonzola, Roquefort, goats cheese with herbs, etc)
Vit C 5 mins after food
Zinc 1/8-1/4 capsule 20 mins after food
B vits 1/4-1/2 capsule 40 mins after food (pantethine is a b-vit, test out to see how much is actually needed by your body, save the rest for detox reactions when needed)

Iodine 1-2 drops on thick skin on tips of toes, and essential fatty acids ( olive oil, cold pressed flax seed oil, almost any organic cold pressed oil... Hemp oil is very good too :) in juice of 1/2 organic lemon

Detox symptoms with Iodine treatment: kidney pain on either side under shoulder blades, approx end of the rib cage: take strong fat soluble vitamins, D, A (as retinol), vit k2 (most relieving), Epsom Salt foot baths, nettle or spinach as tea, smoothie or shake. Strong emotional reactions also possible, if bromide and floride detoxing. General negativity, dark thoughts, etc, are floride and bromide detox. Use Himalaya salt push and more Vit C, 500-1000 mg, 1/4-1/2 teaspoon himalaya salt. Strong reactions are more likely with internal use, topical (on skin) applications like I have advised you, with b vits selenium, etc, gives the co-factors.

Selenium with molybdenum middle of day but not with food.. If bad reactions to selenium, 500 mg TMG right away
Then magnesium hour later.

Again with dinner (give at least 4 hours between end of dinner and bedtime) take some enzymes with your food
Vit C 5 mins after food
Zinc 1/8-1/4 capsule 20 mins after food
B vits 1/4-1/2 capsule 40 mins after food

Bedtime, Bentonite with psyllium husks , Epsom Salts foot bath if not fully relaxed.

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