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Yeeeeyup! Try these suggestions.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Yeeeeyup! Try these suggestions.

Buy activated charcoal and use within 20-30 minutes after of each dose of your anti-candida materials

Supplement extra selenomethionine (NOT yeast-based or elemental selenium!!), chelated molybudenum, and pantethine (NOT pantothenic acid).
Buy tri-methyl-glycine and have it on hand always for extra detox support. Use it in combination with your selenomethionine (200mg)
Use Molybudenum and pantethine together to further help halt detox troubles and support the liver.
I reccommend all of these supplements from Jarrow, they do not sell trashy products. And honestly, I have tried a lot of trashy products.. U__U
Jarrow B-right will further support the body's detox pathways. It must be taken with magnesium though! It's best taken 1/4 to 1/2 capsule in water, 30-40 minutes after a meal, 2x a day.

All of the above ingredients are vital to glutathione production. Charcoal absorbs the poisons given off by the dieoff of the biofilms. Enzymes and oregano are extremely potent. You must take 1 week's break when your symptoms are so strong. Do not damage your liver, give yourself time to clear the baddies. Clean water and food like beetroot juice, dark green spinach, kale, cold-pressed olive and coconut oil will help this a LOT.

If you have just started enzymes, cut down the dosage. 1/8 - 1/4 of a capsule in cold water before each meal is much safer than taking the full dosage right away, because you must ease your body into tolerating the change.

If you are not using magnesium, learn about it- either (Dead Sea) salt flakes of magnesium chloride for a spray for the skin, or Epsom Salts for footbaths will help get the toxins out.

Sweat out the toxins (you need magnesium to help you sweat!). Buy organic coconut water, drik 1/4 liter before workout or sauna treatment, 1/4 liter after, and then fresh-pressed lemon and beetroot juice.
If you do anything I write, sweating and juicing is what I'd like you to do! ;)

Your dieoff symptoms directly reflect the ability of your body to make glutathione. Glutathione cannot be taken as a supplement, but you can up the body's production of it, and spare yourself the detox/dieoff symptoms.

The easy bruising is anemia, need B-vitamins (co-enzymated like in the jarrow B-right) and organic egg yolks and red meat and dark green veg like spinach and kale.

Burning sensations: Likely release of toxins from nerve cells in the skin and muscle tissues, burning can be imbalance in electrolytes, also parasites disgusted with your new regiment! Bromelain can further digest parasites. Is also a digestive enzyme, so heed the above warning about starting slow!

Leg and foot paralyzation, low salivation, low stomach acid: B-vitamins, low mineral status, NEED IODINE, ZINC, VITAMIN C (zinc methionine 2-3 mg with vit C after meals), B-vit support

Paint tips of big toes with 1-2 drops 30% Lugol's solution (buy powder for lab stains from ebay), very cheap to buy Lugol's powder from east europe for mixing with 1liter distilled (de-mineralized) water from the grocery store. Must be kept in a tightly-sealed glass bottle like a dark vodka bottle.
Iodine MUST be coupled with selenium (selenomethionine)
Iodine VWT forum will help you learn <3

All ingredients listed above work very best together.

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