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Trying to create an integral system and paradigm on detoxification: Liver, mucus (phlegm) and lymphatic connexion for detoxification?

Original Dr. Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Original Dr. Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 8 years ago

Trying to create an integral system and paradigm on detoxification: Liver, mucus (phlegm) and lymphatic connexion for detoxification?

Hi guys,

Lately I've been doing a lot of researches on detoxification, trying to see what everyone has to say and to experiment with every healing modalities out there and do a synthesis, taking what seems to work.

4 years ago I had a very potent Lyme disease and almost died, I tried a lot of supplements, Antibiotics and tried dietary changes but it didn't work and became only worse and worse.
I now am symptom free since I changed my diet to a raw vegan/mucusless diet and did some fasting, lemon juice enemas, took some herbs...
But I still have some problems like intolerance to fat (spasms in the liver when I eat them and a lot of mucus/phlegm), chronic constipation (dependant upon enemas to be able to poop).

In my book the human body is perfect and regulates itself (homeostasis), genes can change thanks to epigenetics so every disease is induced by intoxication, even hereditary are due to intoxication of the body (heavy metals passed from the mother to the children).
I don't buy into Pasteur view of parasites but Bechamp paradigm seems better to explain infections.

So there are many causes of intoxification: Bad food (cooked foods with lot of, processed foods, additives, too much proteins, especially animal proteins loaded with purines and uric acid, lactic acid, ammonia, too much hormones, or overeating), congestion of bile ducts, constipation and excessive mucus/putrefaction (which creates parasites that creates toxemia too), heavy metals, VOCs, stress...

Methods for detox: Fasting and autophagy/burning fat (so exercise, dry fasting), Distilled water, Castor oils pack (riconeic acid act as a mucus dissolver), raw food diet (no neocompounds, full of nutrients like essential oils, tanins and polyphenols/flavonoids, natural sterols, terpenes, antioxydants and anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals, ions and electrolytes), killing the parasites naturally (boosting the immune system with intelligent exercise, mushrooms, iodine...), rebounding and dry brushing, yoga, sauna, Liver Flush and stimulating bile (herbs, turmeric, artichoke) and boosting detoxification enzymes, salt water flush, Epsom Salt and castor oil orally, enemas, chelation, herbs to boost the emonctories/dissolve the stones, magnetic medicines like Rife, Zapper, grounding/earthing, Isochrones sounds...

Some people like Andreas Moritz said that a lot of vitamin and mineral supplementation was bullshit and even bad for health...
A lot of people say that minerals are the most important things for the body because everything comes from the chemistry periodic table.
Kervran's transmutations

The recommandations are to eat 2000kcal for a male adult but where does this come from? From people with congested liver guess that are considered as "healthy":
I invite you to look at Hershel Walker diet, this guy is the greatest athlete I know, 1 meal a day for +- 25 years, less than 1000 calorie a day from broth, salads, small amout of chicken, bread and butter, 1500 push up and sit up in the morning, crazy. He also did two fight in the MMA at over 50.

They recommand 1,2g of fat/kg of body weight and 1/2 of monounsaturated fat, 1/4 of polyunsaturated fat from which 2/3 of omega 6 and 1/3 of omega 3 and 1/4 of saturated fat.
They recommand at least 1g of protein/kg of body weight.

Arnold Ehret author of the "Mucusless diet healing system" said that fat and proteins are mucus/pus-forming like starches and should be eliminated. But when I go fat-free for long, I am very tired and feel ungrounded, but even if I eat a little of it I have tons of mucus in the nose and throat.
Since I am following the mucusless diet I didn't have any flu or sickness but I tried to eat a bit more fat lately and ended up with my first flu in 2 years!

I suspect that I may have some liver and Gallstones of course but I am cautious about these theories as some people say that they are coming from the mixture of lemon and olive oil?
Aren't there gentler methods to dissolve the gallstones? (apple cider vinegar and other acids, digestive enzymes like lipase and protease, bile stimulators like artichoke, ginger, turmeric, soy lecithin, etc)?
And what is the cause of these gallstones? Isn't it the fat eating?

About detoxification, I am trying to understand if the fatty acids (or cholesterol, lipoproteins) are useful to transport toxins (fat solubles) to the liver or wether enzymes detoxifications that are water solubles are enough? After all the liver can create fat thanks to lipogenesis.
I know bile flow is very important and would like to understand fat metabolism, is it recycled or should we really had more in our diet daily and will it promote detoxification by transporting the toxins to the liver and through the skin? Or are there only type II and III enzymes that are responsible for transporting and conjugating the toxins?

The metabolism, especially fatty acids and proteins metabolism creates a lot of endotoxins as well so there is a kind of vicious cycle where you need to detox exotoxins and endotoxins and oxydation, hard to understand and overcome this cycle.
There are a lot of theories about the best ratios for nutrients like 80/10/10, ketosis and Atkins diet, eating a lot of calories or calories restriction...
What do you think about all that?

So I wanted to know what all of you think about it, why is it so hard to digest fats and why does it creates mucus and flu symptoms on me?

Thanks, I feel this is going to be a great discussion!

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