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Re: ICU'S PARASITE DRUG PROTOCOLS ~ Roundworms, Tapeworms, Flukes, Strongyloides, Filariasis,& Morgellons
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: ICU'S PARASITE DRUG PROTOCOLS ~ Roundworms, Tapeworms, Flukes, Strongyloides, Filariasis,& Morgellons

dear icu,
i have been battling parasites since october 2014. i am exhausted and cannot function at all. looking back there may have been some silent partners that had been hanging around for years. 7 cats, one dog and done animal rescue. the tipping point, i think, was some super fine, powdery organic fertilizer i bought online in late august/early sept. i think the stuff was chock full of god only knows what. took me a while to figure out what was going on. woke up one night to the feeling that microscopic spiders were crawling all over my face, into my ears, eyes and hair. bottom started burning and saw tiny, little white club shaped things in black undies. freaked out!went to two doctors, had tests,no definitive results,was told nothing was wrong and given rx for three albenza tabs and anxiety meds. by the grace of god, found your protocols and started doing them. since i don't know what i have and it seems to change, i began w/pin worms, then did albenza and ivermectin for things in my lungs and throat, thinking it was strongyloids. also pulled this skinny little worm out of my throat one day. it was about 3/4 of an inch. i could feel it tearing away from the tissue and there was blood on the towel and the critter. i have a picture. thought it might be hook worms. so started that protocol. after five weeks,didn't see much of a change. saw your post on tape worms in eyes, etc. so, i ordered prazi and am completing first cycle of that w/albenza. i did order the niclosamide, but it took over eight weeks to get here. couldn't wait any longer and started the disseminated protocol. now that the niclosamide is here, should i begin that or wait and give my liver a break. i have to admit the albenza is really rough to take. about 5 days in, i get so sick and nauseated.also saw floating, grey colored stools and remembered what you said about it. so stopped for a while. i finally did get some pictures of stuff from stool samples, nose and throat. don't know where i can take it and don't know if it would matter, anyway. i don't have an itchy bottom any more. that was agony. there are still things in my eyes, nose and throat. my lungs feel like they are full of beaten egg white. my eyes feel dry and irritated and like there is something under the top lids, like i have been wearing contacts (i wear glasses) too long. lots of floaters in my vision now. whatever it is in my nose lays individual little white pearl sacs. same in corner of my left eye. after everything, i can still feel things thrashing around above the uvula and below my tonsils in the back of my throat, especially when i am hungry and blood Sugar is low.the critters in the stool sample are ovoid like cucumber seeds, fair size and have a hose nose like the lung fluke. i am sooo confused as to what to try next. also i am the guinea pig for a family of four adults living at home. i will not be able to get the rest of the crew to do all the protocols. my son had the cough for the longest time and white sacs in his nose and white lint in undies. same with the daughter. their case is very mild and they are in denial. my husband has done the pin worm and is willing to do whatever else needs to be done if i can prove that that is what we are battling. he did sneeze out some tiny little curled up tomato skin looking things and the pearls strung in clear mucus. he travels, recently came home w/upper resp infection and has not been able to get rid of the cough after several weeks. i have to wonder if he has lung worms, too. apologies for the lengthiness. thanking you in advance for any help you may be able to provide and for the work you have already put into your protocols. i was desperate and do not know what i would have done if i hadn't found you online.

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