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Re: Has anyone ever been helped by adaptogens...ever?!?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Has anyone ever been helped by adaptogens...ever?!?

You nailed it when you said that wired people are often exhausted people who need help slowing down!!

That is me to a T. I look exhausted but feel mostly amped up.

I interviewed another NB practioner here in LA. she seemed nice too. Maybe I will call McHaney in the morning. I just need someone who can tell me what is going on in my body and why.

Something you said really peeked my interest...
You said you use calcium to help with a copper dump. But I thought copper was associated with high calcium? Wouldn't you need to take magnesium to counter-balance? My current copper is low (b/c of progesterone) but my cal is high (not super high but high). The reason I asked is the guy I spoke to told me to increase my magnesium. I did so and 2 curious things happened:
1) my period which was late finally came when I increased my magnesium to 1,200 mg.
2) I am now starting ovulation and having all sorts of mini-hotflashes and bloody mucous discharge.

Could it be that magnesium supplementation is actually driving my copper (estrogen) lower?

What concerned me was that the woman on the phone tonight said it took her 3 years for her adrenals to heal but she had the full blown can't get off the couch or work for a couple of years fatigue. Yikes!! Worries me b/c my adrenals are very strong and refuse to give in!!
Even now when I get the flu, I never completely crash like other people do. My adrenals are very stubborn. That's why I wonder if NB will be enough for them or if I should use the psych drug sledge hammer on them.

Another thing you said was that some of us carry that copper excess from our moms. My mom had PTSD and looking back she def suffered from adrenal issues. If that is true does that mean you are always doomed to living very carefully b/c of your predisposition to adrenal issues. Does that mean, you could never participate in an Ironman competition?

Does that mean people with delicate adrenals can never run marathons?

Then again..a study showed that female endurance athletes do have low estrogen and high cortisol.
Hmm.. If copper was my underlyinh my issue..,maybe I should go do a century bike ride.
I hope this doesn't mean my adrenals are screwed for good. No way I can trade my bike in for yoga. Tried yoga once, it completely aggravated the sh*t out of me. I am too much of an adreneline girl.


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