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Re: Cancer? the quest for the cures videos are replaying free in a few days
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Cancer? the quest for the cures videos are replaying free in a few days

here are ideas to save money and get the info longer

When the videos play on youtube each day, save them to your documents by a site like

which downloads youtube videos.

That way you will have the videos for use long after the free series is over. Since they remove all the videos except maybe video one or two each day, do this right after or before you view it in the 23 hour period that it is up or it is lost forever..some do repost it but they usually are found and removed from youtube so do your own and dont hope someone might reload it to youtube if you miss one or two. It only takes 5 minutes and then you can watch them when you have more time if busy the week it shows.

If it is like last time they showed these on youtube, on one the last couple videos shown, you are first offered a chance to buy these for purchase plus more.

Hold off till you see the more comprehensive info of sale if you want it that follows the complete showing of the videos (when it is all over) that makes offers that include not only the downloads etc that includes full video series for download and watching online for life, but also the full transcripts which we find out are the 51 hours of raw footage of each person interviewed as only some of what they said makes it into the 11 video series so you have not seen it all as the videos contains excerpts of the parts in the series not the raw footage, and mp4s are also included in the new price in the hero series.

Also when I ordered the hero's series, I got a completely full set of everything that I could send to someone else via an email of the person so if you have a friend or relative interested or who should see these, you can split the cost and get a free one with everything you got for someone else too which might cut the cost in half. Or you can be thinking who you can gift with these who might need help with cancer or cancer prevention.

If you decide to split the cost, then each person would have it as it you purchased it even though you only purchase one and each has their own password. so it is like a buy one get one free or each of you getting it half price. Even though I am very poor, I felt it worth the money personally.

I only wish I had someone else who wanted to go half on it with me on the videos I can get access to you for one person that includes all in the hero package.

Here is what it costs and contains

contact me if interested as thus far I have not used my free one. I can tell you how much it costs or if you really want the info but cannot afford the cost, let me know as have an idea that will get you the info super cheap.

I don't think they told me this about if you buy the additional footage that you get one the exact same as you purchased free if you have the email address to send it to the person you want to go in half with you..I did not know this until till I got it but might be wrong. I am telling you this so you know if you want it and can get another person to go in on it half with you, that you will each save half on the cost so you can take advantage of it

Of course if you do not buy nay of their offers after they show the videos. you can still watch and benefits from this free showing. I would have just been content to do that if I was not told I will die without chemo and want to learn all I can to save my life and if there are other people like that, watch these and if interested in hearing more from me,. just send me a personal message.

You could contact them at quest for the cure to be sure they are still doing this thing where if you buy you get to send them another email and get that person one free since you paid full price..this way you can find someone else interested and they can pay half and you will each get the full package but each person is only paying half for their sets or if you trust someone maybe give them your access code so your whole family or whoever can also get access to all this (both watching online and for download to your documents)

So email me if you want to know what I have to offer or not as you wish but any way you do it at least watch thew fe ones and use "keep vid" linked above or something similar that downloads youtube videos so you can watch down the road if you need it later.


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