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Re: my error
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: my error

I think your situation is very similar to mine so maybe if we put our heads together we can find out what works and what doesn't...

potassium...both my sodium and potassium were low on both blood and hair mineral analysis but I was on licorice root which I know can drive down potassium so I'm not sure if this is a good number for me.
Just recently my blood pressure has picked up which is unusual for me b/c I tend to run low. I think someone mentioned that low blood pressure was associated with LOW cortisol levels but then I read that HIGH blood pressure is associated with LOW potassium. And yet low potassium is somehow associated with stress (which to me means high cortisol). That makes sense b/c when I am under a lot of stress I can feel the veins throbbing on the side of the neck. I feel almost faint except for this strong heartbeat. Happens more so when I go to long without eating so it would make sense it was my body trying to get glucose up to my brain.
I added coconut water and cramping seems better now.

magnesium - when you say crashy, what do you mean? As in you actually feel sleepy at bedtime that might actually you fall asleep? I was told you need magnesium to balance out calcium which is associated with copper (estrogen) but the problem is that magnesium contributes to lowering sodium and potassium which is already being wasted in bulk by our stressed personalities.

Glandulars: how soon after you took the supplement did you know there was a problem? I took half a tablet. I don't feel hyper, if anything I feel more inflammation in my body. I thought a glandular would contain cortisol which is supposed to shut off the inflammation response. Maybe it's curbing my own HPA response so my true cortisol problems are cropping up to the surface?!? Ideas?

Inflammation - do you have a problem with this? This is relatively new for me. The other day I tripped. Yesterday the impacted joints were killing me. Today I went to archery range with my son. Pulling back on the bow isn't very hard but my joints feel achy and my elbows hurt to move them. It feels like I had bench pressed 200 lbs.
I want to say AHA!! Low cortisol symptom but I remember having this issue when my when my estrogen was both too high and too low. So maybe it's hormonal? I tend to notice more last half of cycle.

Anxiety - def picks up at night and lasts thru until about after 10am the next day. Sounds like too high cortisol right? But cortisol lowering supplements have negative effect on me.

AD - it's interesting that you are able to tolerate lexapro. That stimulated my cortisol way beyond belief. How were you able to rule out that maybe your high nighttime cortisol isn't really b/c overtired adrenals getting a second wind from trying to keep you going during the day?

Every now and then, I get weird pockets of being tired like my eyes want to shut from exhaustion (they are bloodshot and half closed) but my body won't let it. I sometimes think its the anxiety that keeps me moving. For me I feel like I a fighting two fronts. I just want to take the anti-anxiety med just to calm things down so my body can relax and then maybe my cortisol levels can normalize...


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