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Image Embedded Eczema cured with elimination diet by a mother who did not want to give up on her boy
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Published: 9 years ago

Eczema cured with elimination diet by a mother who did not want to give up on her boy

This inspirational story was published just one hour ago on Eczema Parents group on Facebook, published by "CT".

CT: I would like to share some pictures of my son's skin -


I know different things cause skin conditions.

He has had this 'condition' since he was 3 wks old and is now 2.4yrs.

The hospital kept telling me it was eczema and prescribed various creams including steriods which I stood my ground & didn't use them - as I had researched the effects.

The photos you see are purely from changing his diet - no creams or drugs. I knew foods aggrevated him & made his skin 'flare up'.

But with advice and guidance from groups on Facebook and lots of extensive research by myself and my family and his nursery keeping a close eye on reactions we are finally (hopefully) getting to the bottom of it.

He had allergy tests at the hospital - but all came back negative!!??

We are more than certain it is preservatives & sulphite pumped into foods as well as natural sulphur. Even if meat was packaged on a 'soak pads', it affected his skin.

We found out even if the meat is organic these pads contain chemicals!!!

We have sourced a butchers where meat has not been in contact with chemicals & also a green grocers that sells local non spray produce.

We started with a very basic diet of broths then been adding foods back every three days to see if they are 'safe' with him. He currently eats about 10 food items and we are still trying new foods. We are so pleased with how far he has come and I would like to share the pictures with you.

We had gone in loads of different directions, but what has made this difference is meat (chicken/turkey/rabbit/duck/beef(either steak or mince) as well as make a broth with the bones, just that for 5 days.

He also liked chilled broth-it goes like jelly.

We also changed to cooking and him drinking Evian instead of tap water - which we are sure when introduced he had a leap in healing.

Then we added back red lentils (then black lentils - but he reacted), spinach (non spray), garden peas, kidney beans, black eyed beans, ground pepper (done in pestle & mortar), parsley, corriander, fortified almond milk, pumkin and sunflower seeds (he is a bit fussy with these).

Still working on new foods and some we try do react, but we then wait 3 days before adding a new food. It is hard on deciding which food next and lots of research, but so happy with the results!!

It is something in their environment or something they are eating.

If I had gone the hospital route he would probably be like this the rest of his life and using these creams - which would be doing more damage to him.

It has been a difficult road to get this far and when I regarded my children to already be on a 'healthy diet' it is shocking on research to learn what happens to our food in the process to the shelf!!

You think you are buying fresh food, but more often than not, it is far from fresh!!
Its also scary that the government let these companies put so much 'rubbish' in/on our foods!!!

The hospitals/doctors are just interested in treating, not finding the causes.

A few doctors at hospitals thought I was crazy, when I kept saying it is food that affects him and how he ate an offending food and he would scratch so much after and sometimes bleed.

It was hard standing upto the doctors though, did at times feel they felt I was not doing the best for my son by not using the steriods and other creams.


I first noticed a patch behind one knee at 3 wks old (I breastfed till 6 mths) then as food was being introduced he got a patch at the top of one arm, it started in small patches on his back when he went to nursery, but no where near as bad as the 1st picture. They changed nursery mid last year, nursery told me it was fresh cooked food.

But it got dramatically worse (1st pic), I questioned them about food (trying to eliminate things) and learnt it was all processed and cooked in the oven - which is what they called 'fresh cooked'!!!

I asked for some ingredients of the meals and shocked to learn their mashed potato had 15 ingrediants and that is what they were feeding 6mth to 4 year olds!!!

I believe it is the rubbish that he was feed what is made his skin go so bad!!!!

We did keep going back to square one, and went back to just giving him broth for 5 days to start another angle of a diet.

What we think it is has made life harder, just feel we are constantly cooking and everytime we go out for the day we have to make sure we have enough food for him!!

But we think we have pinpointed it and the results are amazing.

When we put these 3 photos it just sunk in how much we have transformed his life and well being!!

If anybody wants to share my story, please go ahead. I am more than happy to get it out there to show after months and months of trying different things and lots and lots of research that you do get results without the use of creams and steriods and drugs.

More medical professions need to look into the causes than just 'treating' possibly for the rest of our childrens/your lives.

Through our extensive research I also found that fruits are neither here nor here in our diets, it is more important we eat vegetables.

He seems to react to all fruits I gave him.

A facebook page on here pointed me in the direction of a modified GAPS diet and one based on Dr Sears.

The group is secret so I need to recommend people to them. They are good and pointed me in the direction I went, but I done further research.

If anyone wants me to recommend them, you need to be my friend on here then I request you into the group.

Anyone who wants to do this, send me a friend request and a message and I will do this. They are mostly americam and some foods/mineral supplements they recommend we can't get over here though, they don't believe in the creams and meds.

Its hard to come across what is affecting babies/toddlers and other than them refusing foods they cannot tell you how they feel.

We were fortunate to manage to see what was affecting him by all the research we done.

Also since about Nov 14 we started washing his clothes and bedding on a 60 wash with just water. Even though we were using natural hypoallergenic detergent we were pretty sure it was aggrevating him.

We did get prescribed silk suits from dermotologist to go under his clothes which we are sure has helped, rather than cotton.

Question: He doesn't have a cows milk allergy does he ?

CT: No. Breastfed till he was one.

But I have never given him other milk at all due to my own research that it isn't really beneficial and the minerals you get from milk you get higher in other vegetables.

Although I do now give him fortified almond milk, but not for the reason of giving him 'milk', just another thing he can tolerate.

But where I noticed this condition appearing on the back of one leg when he was 3 weeks old, looking back it must of been where I was eating the offending foods and it was transferred in my milk.

Currently he is living with my parents monday to Friday. They have their own nursery in another county, they keep a strict eye on him and look for any reactions.

We thought there was some reaction in there house as they have a parrot, but recently have not really seen any reaction when he goes back there. We have carpets/wallpaper/painted walls.

We have a 'natural' (violets homescents) handwash, his hands and feet never suffered though. I only use hot water to wash windows and floors.

I bath him in magnesium flakes and Epsom Salts (1 cup per bath) and alternate between the two. I am not sure if this has made a difference though.
I wash him in water with no soap, its just normal tap water.

When he was really bad, at my parents house they have hard tap water and when we used the shower on him, his back would go bright red.

I do wear perfume, not when I am around him though and hardly wear make up - don't have time lol!!!

All bedding is man made fibres.
He is in a cot though and uses 100% cotton sheet and blanket.

I have just requested a silk cot sheet from the dermatologist, to see if that will reduce the areas on his face.

At nursery he reacts to a few things, they have to be careful what activities they do if he is taking part. He reacts to powder paints, also been seen with latex toys in his mouth and he reacts round his mouth.

Last summer he had a febrile fit (his only one, but the type of fit did not reflect what happens in a true febrile fit but that is what the hospital put it down to, they could not find a reason for it and put it down to one of the areas may have been infected on his back, but they weren't sure).

He was at the nursery at that time that was feeding him processed food (which I was not aware of) and I think his body may of reacted to all the preservatives and other rubbish in his food. Consequently the hospital prescribed him Antibiotics because of the supposed infection and he also had a flare up after the Antibiotics .

I think that is about it, if I think of anything more I will let you know.

Oh he was also prescribed steriod and other antifungal creams (before I knew what I now know) when he was about 7 months old. I did follow the program, but all these creams did not make a difference, but as soon as they were stopped he would have a flare up.

I feel the creams were putting a film over his skin areas and what was trying to get out couldn't then all of a sudden no creams and it can all escape - explaining the flare ups when the program had finished.

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