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No appetite, nausea, sleeping problems and burping after zoloft, please advise
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Published: 5 years ago

No appetite, nausea, sleeping problems and burping after zoloft, please advise

Got the same old problem as every year, slightly changed, some things remain the same. Brain fog is definately decreased!
Been fighting off insomnia at the height of the winter (as I usually do) with low stress tolerances.
I don't have food allergies , no clear reactions to gluten, lactose, soy or the like, but I do have digestion problems! Likely SIBO, definately issues of candida overgrowth and dysbiosis.

I had Amalgams for 18 years, the last quadrant was replaced by a holistic dentist last year with suctioning and gasmask and a fresh air supply and a tooth-isolating suctioning shield- and a liquorice-vodka shot with activated charcoal before each session of work.

The only likely infection source I have left in the mouth is a root canal.

Right now I don't have an appetite- I can eat, sure, but I'm reacting to it pretty strongly, especially if it results in a raised blood sugar. I developed type 1 diabetes the very first year after my first Amalgam was installed.
I have a decent cabinet of supplements to hand, but it's really difficult to tell what to use when, how much, and what symptoms need what items.

And right now.. Oil-pulling is good, but my tongue doesn't taste much of the flavors. My mouth feels a little numb, my saliva's pretty biofilmic when I wake up from the sleep I am getting.. about 4-5 hours a night.

It's hard for me to tell if I'm simply being too hard on myself at the moment. Enzymes can give pretty strong dieoff reactions, and I've been trying to use them more in the past two weeks. My diet consists of a little meat, some raw beet juice (organic), carbs when my bloodsugar is swinging low, yogurt and fiber cereal, water with lemon juice, roasted veg and salads..

I've been taking a 15billion count probiotic (Udo's choice super adult), small amounts of magnesium Taurate, a little bit of B-complex, selenium methionine and methylselenocysteine, and Houston Enzyme's No-Fenol and AFP-Pep. Also, sodium butyrate (500mg) with 100 mg of potassium hydrochloride - this is new this year. Supposed to be rather good at retarding candida growth.

Right now my stomach is just.. wanting to refuse everything. I had to eat at 3:00 AM because of a low blood sugar, so I had a small bowl of cereal, and layed back down. At 6am I had my only prescription drugs besides the insulin pump I live off of- 50mg of sertralin bluefish (zoloft) and 100mcg of eltroxin (levothyroxine).

My stomach started really, -really- revolting. I had acidic burps all morning, nausea, and now mild headache, a swollen thyroid and achiness in the limbs and coldness. A bit of trouble falling asleep for a nap, too.

I am trying to track this down to if it is all caused by candida overgrowth mixed with the impaired liver function. It's just barely begun to be spring, I haven't had probiotic foods but for the yogurt and Udo's probiotics (Bifido and acidophilis strains), and reportedly zoloft is supposed to have some sort of effect in the realm of killing off candidiasis/thrush.

I haven't found any good studies yet on that, and I had to push at my doc to get down to 50 mg instead of 100! My small intestine isn't happy right now, and my spirit is.. ugh. As it usually is when I'm trying to filter out toxins. Downish and trying to seek a way to up the mood again.

After reading how phosphatidylcholine helps bile secretion and softening stones lodged in the bile duct, I ordered ox bile, betainHCL with pepsin, choline (CDP/ GDP) and pancreatin.
... Just waiting a bit anxiously at the door for the delivery of kefir grains and a kombucha scoby too, it's about time to begin on some ferments!

Any thoughts on the best way to approach the situation right now? Throwing more supplements and stuff on the pile seems a bit of a bad idea. I've been doing coffee enemas and a bit of juicing to try and gentle the process along.. and some Milk Thistle tea.

Much appreciated. :)

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