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108 questions posed to mh in 2010..#73-81
prayervoice Views: 391
Published: 6 years ago

108 questions posed to mh in 2010..#73-81

108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #9 of 12. Questions 73-81

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

73. You often suggest that people should use herbs from the local area where they live. You are in the continental US. Does this mean that you would be able to go to China or Russia or Hawaii and search out equivalent herbs for those areas?...

“Sure, the entire earth is known to have about XXX amount of weeds and always has the ones mammals can use for medicines. Dr. Christopher liked garden weeds; he would pick the weeds from a person’s garden in exchange that he could take the weeds with him. He truly believed in living under your own fig tree. His formulas used local weeds. I use a few out of country herbs for Lymes Disease, simply because people have traveled all over the earth now and using what works in other countries is a privilege of living in these modern times; but in theory, local weeds should be more than enough.”

74. What does vibration have to do with our choices for clothing? I understand silk to be the best choice....

“Natural fibers are said to breathe better and more natural to the skin. For most people pure cotton would be the choice, I have never had a silk shirt. If I remember right, isn’t silk made from worm #####? I think plant would be better.”

75. Is it true that most dandruff turns out to be nothing more than compressed commercial soap?...

“According to Dr. Christopher, yes. I had it as a teen and I used commercial soaps. I don’t use soaps anymore and have not had it for a very long time….our kids have never had it. So I am not sure it is all about soaps….maybe it has something to do with worms or lack of plant minerals??? Dogs and other animals can develop such skin diseases and never used a soap product… back in Christopher’s days, the soap would have been very “plain”…what we would all pure soap today. Personally I think it is more than just a result of soap use, probably more of a constipation issue and maybe parasite.”

76. Some people take garlic and stuff it up the place that the sun does not shine just before going to bed. Is there any value in such a procedure or is it just an old wives tale that has no value?...

“Yikes, I would think that would burn a hole in their butt; but Richard Schulse videos had women do such a thing for female issues in the womb and garlic enemas are common. I personally would rather drink garlic and let it come out naturally instead of reversing the plumbing.”

77. I am told that green juniper berries are not ripe, that the black ones are the ones to eat because they are 2nd year fruit? I did not know that some berries take 2 years to ripen. Is this why they are such good human foods?...

“Our Juniper berries are very small and mostly all seed. The longer a fruit is exposed to the sun, the better it could be. With this fruit I didn’t know anyone ate them.”

78. Doctor Christopher used to use prune juice to empty the stomach. You have suggested Epsom salts. Is one better than the other....

“Sure, fruit is better. Always use fruits over minerals if your seeking a more natural approach. BOOK I author suggest prunes work because they have a little toxicity to them and are acid forming and of no real food value. The body would seem to agree by expelling the prunes rapidly.
Epsom’s Salts was considered one of Medicals greatest creations world wide in the hospitals lets say, 90 years ago. Considered a miracle product. After all, it helped all those meat eating humans have a bowel movement. Dr. Christopher makes mention that nothing feels better than a bowel movement to a constipated baby.”

79. What is the proper way to dry fruits and are they a good choice for winter use?...

“Dry them in the shade is normal, yet we here of sun dried raisins? Sun dried tomatoes…I have used an electric dehydrator. Dried foods would be ideal winter foods. You need good teethe to chew them up. Never buy dried fruits that use sulfur as a preservative.”

80. Is it true that one gets more exercise walking up a few sets of stairs than one gets from a good sexual encounter?...

“Never heard that one, but must ponder what the author considered a good encounter…. I would think the statement is wrong; based on the key word “GOOD. Good could last all day…..”

81. Many commercial companies use metal sludge minerals and LIE to the customers. They do this to their products to make the pH high and thus the person is mislead and thinks they are well and can eat all the junk foods they desire with no worries. Where do they procure this sludge from anyway?...

“Referring to vitamins, some of the early info suggested from the 3 M company or photo companies that use all the COLORFUL MINERALS…their waste sludge had it all. Metals are all toxic to humans and animals and even plants.
When you distill water, you’re leaving the metals in the distiller to be discarded. Your finish water is a true pH 7.0 even if the testing method you have available says a little acid….because mineral free water is a perfect pH 7.0. The waste in your distiller is all alkaline. Those that consume this alkaline waste will give a fake high alkaline test result. Same for all the salt aholics, their salt will show up high alkaline. Most all products sold for alkalinity are just salt products. All humans that “fast” will show low acid; proving that while fasting, the human elimination organs will expel the acids”

You are a gem MH. Many thanks for doing this.
“Remember, you’re limited to 108 questions per year!”

Create a nice day,

Many Blessings,
The “BAREFOOT” Herbalist, M.H. 108

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