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My body odor has reduced incredibly after years of suffering
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Published: 7 years ago
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My body odor has reduced incredibly after years of suffering

You hear a lot about TMAU in forums like this one. The truth is less than 1 in 250,000 people have TMAU. Being generous, that's about 1,000 people in all the United States that are afflicted, while about 1% of the population has strong malodor like ours, with EVERYONE suffering every once in a while. The chances are astronomical that you do not have tmau.

What you're going through sounds like constipation and body flora is the problem... and also your answer. You have to get your waste moving and your flora back in balance.

First, give up on taking care of this issue in less than 3 months, it most likely isn't going to happen. But you're not living for the next three months right, your living for the rest of your life ;)

Second, exercise every single damn day when you wake up. The goal isn't weight loss or building muscle or anything, its just getting your sweat cleared out every day. This'll start moving the nasty stuff out of your body and your sebum (greasy stuff under skin) will become diluted, clearer, and less ridden with bacteria. If you can hit the sauna or make a little makeshift heat room in your bathroom, thats perfect.

Eat only things you now will move through your body quickly. So salad, sounds great and healthy for most folks, but how does your stomach react to it? If that salad isn't through your bowels in 24 hours skip it. I only eat green smoothies because my body sucks up the nutrients and moves it out quickly, this has had the dual effect of cleansing my bowels and also it doesn't stay in there to ferment like meat or solid foods would. I have a really slow, weak digestive system. And water of course, ton of water.

Ok, balancing your flora is a little hard. You very well may have a fungal-leaning bio-system. I don't like to call it candida because a lot of naturalists have taken that word, that topic, and completely butchered it with quack talk and homeopathic bullshit. Also consider that rather than mold or fungus, your system is just consumed by bad bacteria. Either way, don't be scared of modern resources... going all natural is nice, but a good anti-fungal cream or medical shampoo can be a great line of defense. Ok, apart from moving your sweat, urine, and waste out of your body quickly, you want to make sure w/e microorganism is colonizing you has nothing to eat. No meat, definitely no breads, not a lot of sugary fruits or other sweet foods. So no pasta, no steak, no chicken, damn near only vegetables. This of course is the most extreme diet you can incorporate to cure your condition, a lot of people aren't up for it, but believe me, its the best diet for this that you can try. Say you only eat blended raw veggies, you'll be good to go in 3 months or so. say you eat veggies and chicken, a little longer, say you eat veggies and all meats, with the right steps and correct portions, a year or more. Now lets say you only eat veggies meats and fruits, if you still take care of yourself, you'll be set in a really long time. Veggies, meats, fruits, breads, good luck with dealing for the rest of your life. Of course its different for everybody, your problem could just be entirely constipation and all you need is a good colon cleanse, or you could have a dead liver, haha. Everything is relative, so you decide what your body is telling you. But just saying, if it is candida or out of whack flora, diet is everything, and the stricter the better.

Lastly, eat a shitton of probiotics. probiotics, probiotics, probiotics. Once you clean out your bowel, and your poop is moving well, the bad bacteria or fungus will still be there. The probioitcs will start working in about two months if you take em daily, and no poop stays in your bowels for long to ferment.

You can also try digestive enzymes, they are a f***ing godsend, but for a few people, it can screw them over and not allow them to digest anything too well for a long time after stopping. This is rare though, kind of like how aspirin can cause GI bleeds and a slow painful death.

Anyway, good luck, I am not a doctor, but a fellow sufferer finally beating this smelly obstacle. Over these last months, my Body Odor has reduced incredibly after years of suffering. I used to be able to cleanout a f***ing theater. One of my worst memories was coming home from work on the train and literally everyone complaining, people saying that the bathrooms must be broken, the staff being called up to check on if the toilets weren't working. Imagine being on a crowded train, couple hundred people, where literally everyone from back to front is talking about that horrible odor, and people looking around for the cause. And the folks I'm standing next to staring in disbelief because they can't believe that smell is coming from a human. That's how f***ing bad it was. Now, its only like after a few minutes of sitting in a small room, people start noticing an unpleasant scent, nothing incredible, just an overly stinky man, no big deal, they deal with it until Im gone without making a big fuss at all. I'm striving for odor free though, and then eventually, smellin so damnnnnn goood ;) ;)

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