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CFS, ME, autoimmune dysfunction, fibromyalgia equal MIRENA IUD
Anna Maria S Views: 11,890
Published: 9 years ago

CFS, ME, autoimmune dysfunction, fibromyalgia equal MIRENA IUD

This story was posted on the WWW.

Sorry this is a LONG story but here you go.

I was misdiagnosed with CFS/ME/ autoimmune dysfunction/fibromyalgia and two yeArs later learned it was an autoimmune response to my Mirena.

I was completely disabled for 8 months.

I'm now 30 weeks post removal and completely normal again .

I had to give up my dream job, sell my home to survive , and it took over a year for a dr to figure it out and I saw 15 to 20 drs including Mayo clinic .

My symptoms included
hair loss,
rapid heart rate,
SEVERE fatigue (disabling),
inability to exercise and sometimes walk,
swollen painful joints,
severe pains in upper back,
stiff joints,
inflammation (per biopsies) in bladder and colon,
cognitive issues such as memory problems and word finding issues,
malabsorption in stomach causing weight loss because of chronic diarrhea,
orthostatic hypotension,
peripheral neuropathy,
weakness and issues with balance ,
blurry vision,
migraine headaches,
intolerance to heat,
bronze skin,
and at the end swollen feet and hands and cardiac issues.

The only thing that helped me function was chronic steroids ( Medrol).

It all started with the pregnant looking stomach about five months after it was placed.
I was thin and in shape so it was very strange.
I took one month of high dose probiotics and that improved but it was just the beginning.

Finally my OB NP said she had three other patients with the same problem.
All healthy then six months later disabled by random symptoms without lab findings to back the symptoms up.

She said 99% of OBs will say mirena is not related.

Mayo clinic even told me not to take it out.

She didn't given me a choice and took it out.

At six weeks I called in tears asking why I didn't feel better she said it takes 12 weeks for the hormones to adjust.

At 12 weeks I weaned off steroids and didn't get too excited at first. My symptoms were often cyclical and I was used to feeling ok then the "crash".

But five weeks went by and I knew a miracle had happen.

Every symptom was gone.

I started applying for jobs Again.

It's now been about six and a half months and I am totally back to normal.

I work full time as a therapist again and exercise like crazy.

There was a class action law suit two years ago but they lost.

It is usually women 30 to 35 who are predisposed to autoimmune disorders .

They aren't sure if it the foreign body and silicon reaction.

It took away a year of my life but I don't even care I'm so happy to have my life back!

I had already applied for Social security because I was told what I had would never go away.

I'm so glad they were wrong. Let me know if you have any questions.


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