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Re: has anyone worked directly with Dr Lawrence Wilson?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: has anyone worked directly with Dr Lawrence Wilson?

First of all, let me say that Dr. Lawrence Wilson's protocol is DANGEROUS and will DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH. I was prescribed the whole gamut of supplements including Limcomin, Paramin, Megapan, Kelp, Thyro Complex, Zinc, Omega 3, Selenium, Vit D. On my intake form, i wrote that I have 9 cysts in my thyroid and that I am Celiac. Apparently he doesn't notice if you have a pre-existing condition relating to hormones, or auto-immune problems, and he prescribed me the full dosages. Which I took for 8 months until I noticed pains in my lower back and shoulders, then I noticed headaches, nausea, mood changes, extremely painful periods, extremely painful early onset breast tenderness (PMS), low energy, joint pains, and guess what??? My thyroid hormones were through the roof. I tested positive for HYPERTHYROIDISM, and one of my largest thyroid cysts grew even bigger, from 0.9 cm to 1.5 cm. I also had pain and swelling in my neck. Dr. Wilson also recommended near infrared saunas and coffee enemas. I actually did the coffee enemas, and I am pretty sure I nearly escaped having an intestinal infection. Overall, this has caused my immune system to flare uncontrollably, and I have pain in my legs/hips/lower back all the time. I feel tired and unrested. DO NOT DO THIS PROGRAM. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY AND DR. LAWRENCE WILSON IS A QUACK. He should be stripped of his license to practice medicine. I was working with one of his minions named Josephine Zanetti out of Vancouver BC. She is not even a licensed naturopath, she is some kind of 'nutritional coach' whatever the heck that is. She had absolutely no knowledge of the human body or the consequences of causing hormonal imbalances or immune system flares. She claims the program worked for her, but I doubt it. I don't know how people can survive this program and say they feel better on it, because I sure didn't. It totally screwed up my immune system and my thyroid hormones, and who knows what else!!! This is basically a "doctor" who prescribes you bottles and bottles of all kinds of pills, supplements and crazy invasive procedures all the while never meeting you face to face, or looking at your medical history!!! He reads your "hair test" like he reads some pile of tea leaves...and not very well!!! He clearly has no knowledge of thyroid disorders or auto-immune disorders and how his "program" can totally exacerbate them in these individuals. Otherwise, he would not have prescribed me an overload of iodine-containing kelp and the over-stimulating Thyro-Complex, which is what I strongly believe drove my thyroid hormones way too high and made me feel terrible. Also, coffee enemas, at the rate he recommended, not even my (licensed) naturopathic doctor recommends those! Save yourself a lot of regret, pain, suffering and money and say no to Dr. Lawrence Wilson's protocols. His entire business is a pyramid scheme whereby he recruits other "health coaches" and "naturopathic" doctors to carry out his hair tests and prescribe his pills. You will easily pay $4000 a year for the supplements. Plus the fees for consulting with his recruited representatives, and the fees for the hair tests. To think that he can turn a "slow oxidizer" into a "fast oxidizer", that's like saying he can make you run 10 miles when you could only ever run 2.5 minutes on a tread mill! It's insane! And totally unrealistic! You want to be healthy? Eat well, exercise, don't eat gluten or Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods, sleep, relax and DON'T take anything from Dr. Wilson. It has been 6 months since I stopped his protocol entirely, and I am still struggling with returning to my previous levels of well being. I have pain in my lower back and legs daily, I wake up aching and stiff, and I have low energy, and I have high thyroid hormones, and I am seeing an endocrinologist. Do you want this? No. Nobody wants this. Don't work with Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

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